Industrial routers for remote maintenance and cybersecurity

Industrial routers for remote maintenance and cybersecurity

Our robust industrial routers connect various networks via cable (LAN router and NAT router) or mobile network (2G/3G/4G/5G) for the remote maintenance and protection of your local network. A large number of products feature integrated VPN and firewall functions. For the highest level of security, the mGuard routers protect against cyber attacks and malware.

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Main features

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Secure remote maintenance

 Industrial remote communication with a tablet

Worldwide remote access to machines

When it comes to remote maintenance for industrial systems distributed around the world, Phoenix Contact provides a wide range of robust and future-oriented industrial routers for wired or wireless remote access to networks. These products feature modern security mechanisms such as VPN, IPsec encryption, and integrated firewalls. This means you have the ability to establish connections to your machines and systems anywhere and at any time, and can perform maintenance and service work quickly and efficiently.

Directional wireless antenna

Suitable antennas for all applications

Corresponding accessories for cellular routers

Phoenix Contact provides suitable cellular antennas and antenna cables to ensure that your cellular routers communicate reliably. Depending on the installation location, choose between omnidirectional antennas for mounting on control cabinets, wall mounting, mast mounting, or for direct installation on the device. Accessories such as the corresponding surge protection complete the package.

For more information on selecting the right antenna and correctly installing it, go to our flyer “10 antenna rules”.

Industrial security

Cybersecurity visualization with “System hacked” alert

Cybersecurity is the prerequisite for a reliable network

Industrial cybersecurity protects networked industrial systems and plants from attacks, data espionage, failures due to viruses, malware, and misuse. After all, cyberattacks and malware can cause a great deal of damage, from loss of know-how, images, and data to expensive downtime and personnel costs for correcting damage, all the way to high ransom demands.

That’s why we provide security routers and industrial firewalls that are specifically designed to meet the needs of industry and monitor data traffic in the network. Only the data traffic you want is allowed; unauthorized access attempts are blocked. This increases the availability of your systems.