Depending on the wishes and possibilities on site, a remote maintenance connection can be established via a wired Internet connection or with the help of a WLAN or cellular router. While the wired solution is simple and inexpensive to realize, a wireless solution features a high level of flexibility, even in places where there is no Internet connection.
Either a self-hosted VPN server or turnkey solutions such as the mGuard Secure Cloud can be used for data transmission. Both variants feature different advantages.

Remote maintenance via the cloud

The mGuard Secure Cloud is a complete turnkey remote maintenance solution that connects service personnel and machines or systems over the Internet securely, reliably, and without IT expertise. This reduces cost- and time-intensive on-site service calls significantly. It provides operating companies, machine builders, and system manufacturers with a cost-effective alternative for realizing intelligent and sustainable service concepts.

Functional components of the mGuard Secure Cloud

Overview: Components of the mGuard Secure Cloud

Quick overview: Service personnel use an approved VPN client, such as the mGuard Secure VPN Client software or an iPad, and connect their workstations to the mGuard Secure Cloud. The machines are also equipped with industrial-grade remote maintenance routers or PLCnext Control and establish your VPN connection to the Secure Cloud as necessary. VPN connections can be established locally via hardware (key switch) or via software controlled by the system operator.

Cloud clients are ideally suited for the remote maintenance of individual, compact machines with small IP networks. When it comes to networked machines, mGuard products secure your machine network with a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-operate firewall.

Remote maintenance via in-house VPN infrastructure

Would you like to freely define access rights and retain control over VPN connections yourself? If so, you might consider operating your own on-site VPN infrastructure. With your own VPN infrastructure, everything is yours – including data, hardware, and software platforms. You decide on the configuration, upgrades, and system changes. Also, you do not always have to rely on Internet connectivity or external factors to access your machines and systems. IT-savvy employees who take care of the on-site infrastructure are indispensable. They have to take setup, operation, maintenance, back-up, and support into their own hands.

Remote maintenance via in-house VPN infrastructure

Overview: Remote maintenance via in-house VPN infrastructure

Quick overview: All FL mGuard devices and TC Routers from Phoenix Contact can be connected to and operated on this type of VPN infrastructure. The FL mGuard centerport in a 19″ design is recommended as the central VPN component. It guarantees perfect compatibility and high security standards.