Energy measuring devices and energy meters for your energy monitoring

Energy measuring devices and energy meters

EMpro energy measuring devices can be configured and integrated into your network in minutes. Save on wiring outlay, thanks to the direct connection of manufacturer-independent Rogowski coils, and benefit from the many practice-oriented web server and device functions. EMpro energy meters with MID certification in accordance with EN 50470 enable cost-center-specific energy data billing.

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Your advantages with our EMpro energy measuring devices

  • Energy measurement in just three steps, thanks to an intuitive installation wizard
  • Reduce wiring and configuration effort, thanks to energy measuring devices that connect directly to Rogowski coils by any manufacturer
  • Easy to maintain, thanks to smart web server and display functions
  • Deactivation of operating elements and interfaces ensures data security
  • EMpro energy measuring devices are part of the COMPLETE line system
EMpro energy measuring devices

EMpro energy measuring devices

EMpro- energy measuring devices: the fastest way to measure energy

Identify savings potentials for improving energy efficiency and establish the basis for energy management.
EMpro energy measuring devices acquire your energy data and communicate this to higher-level control and management systems. Configure and integrate your energy measuring devices in just a few steps using the web-based, user-guided installation wizard. Digital services and global access through cloud access provide you with high availability and transparency.

Just three steps for energy measurement

Just three steps for energy measurement

Your advantages with our EMpro energy measuring devices for your energy monitoring needs Just three steps for energy measurement

The user-guided installation wizard enables intuitive configuration and quick startup. Benefit from the fast basic configuration in only three steps:

  • Set up the communication interface
  • Select the power grid type
  • Configure the current and voltage measuring input
Man directly connecting Rogowski coil

Rogowski coil direct connection

Reduce wiring and configuration effort

Using versions equipped with a Rogowski measuring input will save you a lot of time when it comes to wiring and configuration:
You can directly connect any commercially available Rogowski coil, regardless of manufacturer. The measuring transducer that is normally used is no longer required.

Servicing the EMpro energy measuring device

Servicing the EMpro energy measuring device

Simple service functions

Export the current configuration data along with historically recorded signal and error lists for rapid troubleshooting. Errors and alarm statuses that occur in the system are quickly and unambiguously detected on site, thanks to a color change on the display.

Protection against unauthorized access

Protection against unauthorized access

Increased data security

Protect your energy data from unauthorized access: shutting down operating elements at the device will prevent manipulative operations on site. Deactivating the interfaces, you avoid unwanted access to your energy data or unintentional changes of the configuration.



Easy integration

You can integrate the energy measuring devices into the most common industrial network structures and fieldbus systems. This means that the measured values can also be made available at the controller or in the control center, for further processing. Each device also has a fixed Modbus/TCP interface on board.