Innovative data connector

The new way to make contact

Compact, cost-effective, and safe: thanks to innovative SKEDD technology, you can now mount PCB connectors directly on the PCB, in any position, without using tools.

Connection convenience redefined: as a market leader in PCB connection technology, Phoenix Contact presents the world's first direct connector with Push-in spring connection. Thanks to SKEDD technology, there is no need for an additional soldering process, thereby reducing your component and process costs. Position, insert, and lock: it couldn't be easier to connect SDC and SDDC series connectors to the PCB.

Your advantages

  • SKEDD direct connection technology enables flexible positioning on the PCB
  • Reduced component and process costs: simple insertion by hand and vibration-resistant connection
  • Tool-free, time-saving Push-in connection
  • Intuitive operation, thanks to color-coded push button
  • Quick and convenient testing using the integrated test option


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