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Use the power connectors to connect compact devices and electrical drives.

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Our circular connectors for power applications cover a wide range of applications – from compact M12 connection up to size M58 with high transmission capacities up to 150 A at 630 V. Benefit from a complete range: From the cable and device side all the way to the PCB.

Your advantages

  • Easy device integration with connectors for different installation situations
  • Supply compact devices and drives using M12 POWER connectors
  • Coded power connectors prevent connection errors

M12 POWER connectors

M12 POWER connectors  

M12 POWER connectors

Devices are becoming increasingly compact as electrical power requirements increase. Our products of the M12 POWER series provide the ideal device connection technology. 

The M12 size opens up new areas of application for supplying energy to your electrical drives and controllers.

M12 POWER circular connectors are protected against mismatching:

  • S-coded for AC supply up to 16 A/690 V
  • T-coded for DC supply up to 12 A/60 V
  • K-coded for AC supply up to 16 A/690 V
  • L-coded for DC supply up to 16 A/63 V
  • M-coded for AC supply up to 8 A/690 V


M17 to M58 power connectors

M17 to M58 power connectors  

M17 to M58 power connectors

Connect your electrical drives quickly and easily. The entire range covers all the power ranges and designs required for wiring from the drive to the control cabinet. The M23 circular connectors from the PRO series complete the portfolio.

  • M17: Up to 20 A/630 V, 3+PE-pos. to 5+3+PE-pos.
  • M23: Up to 30 A/630 V, 5+PE-pos. to 4+3+PE-pos.
  • M40: up to 70 A/630 V, 2+3+PE-pos. to 4+3+PE-pos.
  • M58: up to 150 A/630 V, 2+3+PE-pos. to 4+3+PE-pos.

IPD, PRC, and QPD installation systems

IPD, PRC, and QPD installation systems  

IPD, PRC, and QPD installation systems

Use a power distribution solution that is robust and easy to install. With the IPD, PRC, and QPD installation systems, you can transmit power reliably between fixed and plug-in connections on the device. Achieve time savings of up to 80% when connecting on site – whether with easy Push-in Technology of the IPD system or with fast IDC displacement connections of the QPD system. Or use the proven screw connection technology of the PRC system.

Our installation systems are particularly well-suited for building, industrial, and outdoor applications, and allow installations that are up to 75% smaller than conventional power connection elements.

  • Transmission of high currents in a small amount of space
  • For cables up to 5 x 6 mm², for flexible and rigid conductors
  • For up to 690 V/40 A
  • Certified for indoor and outdoor applications with increased degree of protection up to IP69K and impact resistance up to IK07
  • Choice of tool or manual unlocking


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PRC series circular connectors

Inverted and angled circular connectors

M12 device connectors

Power connection with K, L, and M-coding

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Compatible M17-M40 PRO series circular connectors.

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