M8 and M12 device connectors for signals, data, and power

For SMT and THR: All pin assignments, one design

Optimize your value added chain with innovative device ports for THR or SMT soldering. Phoenix Contact provides M8 and M12 device connectors for signals, data, and power.

Your advantages

  • Greater flexibility in device design with numerous pin assignments and codings for signals, data, and power in a uniform installation geometry
  • Easy integration into automated production processes with standardized tape-on-reel or tray packaging
  • Reliable electronics protection: integrated seals prevent dust or splash water ingress, even when not plugged in
  • Fast device approval with connection components complying with the VDE/cUL standard
  • Improved process safety with innovative VARIOPORT screw connections which compensate for production tolerances of up to one millimeter between the PCB and housing
Two-piece device connectors for THR and SMT soldering processes

Device connectors

Our device connectors provide you with unrivaled flexibility in the device design. Automate the assembly process with two-piece device connectors for THR and SMT soldering processes.

Connectors designed for assembly with SPEEDCON fast connection

Field connectors designed for assembly

Benefit from easy assembly directly in the field. With M8 and M12 connectors designed for assembly, you can flexibly adapt the cable lengths. Versions with Push-Lock technology enable effortless, secure connection without tools.

Molded field connectors

Efficient cabling directly in the field

Minimize storage costs with consistent cabling solutions from a single source – regardless of whether they are needed for signals, data, or power.

M8 and M12 device connectors for signals, data, and power
M8 and M12 device connectors YouTube

The more versatile the connection solutions, the more flexibly your devices can be developed. Phoenix Contact offers you an unrivalled range of device connectors for automated production processes. Regardless of whether you need them for signals, data, or power – the uniform installation geometry of the compact M8 and M12 designs offers the easiest design-in yet.