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  • Highest availability worldwide: Solutions with cross-manufacturer compatibility for standard and fast locking systems
  • Secure connection: ONECLICK fast locking system with an optically, haptically, and acoustically clear locking option
  • Easy and reliable shield connection for cost-effective cable assembly
  • Reliable under the harshest conditions: Cable connectors with vibration brake
  • Modern, consistent design for highly convenient operation
M17-M40 PRO circular connectors

Secure connections in industrial applications

Use a reliable power supply for your drives. The cross-manufacturer compatible M17-M40 PRO series circular connectors ensure reliable connections in industrial applications. With uniform assembly, the PRO series makes it easier for you to connect your systems. The wide range of pin assignments and the continuous expansion of housing variants in sizes M17, M23, and M40 also provide a new level of freedom when it comes to system design.

Product information

The following are the main features of the M17-M40 PRO series circular connectors:


Voltages Up to 630 V
Currents Up to 30 A
Number of positions 6 to 19
Degrees of protection IP66, IP68
Versions Available in male and female versions
Vibration resistance Minimum 20g
Locking ONECLICK fast locking system, device connectors suitable for standard and fast locking
Compatibility Backward-compatible with standard connections of metric threads
Connection method Crimp connection, solder connection for M23 circular connectors for signals on request

Reliably transmit power and signals: M17-M40 PRO series circular connectors

Benefit from reliable solutions with a unique ONECLICK fast-locking system with a clear locking option.

Overview of the M17-M40 PRO circular connectors
Discover the robust connector portfolio for transmitting signals and power for industrial applications.
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M17 – M40 circular connectors

Ideal for these applications M17-M40 PRO circular connectors are suitable for use in numerous applications. These include the following example applications.

Grinding robots
Application from the field of conveying technology
Application from the field of modular inverters
Grinding robots

M17-M40 PRO series circular connectors enable error-free power and signal transmission for grinding robots. You can change grinding attachments quickly and safely with the highly vibration-resistant ONECLICK fast locking system. Engagement that can be clearly heard and felt indicates the reliable interlocking of the connectors.

Application from the field of conveying technology

M17-M40 PRO series circular connectors reliably supply different drives with power and signals. Thanks to cross-manufacturer compatibility, your range of purchasing options is increased.

Application from the field of modular inverters

In modular inverters, the robust M17-M40 PRO series circular connectors ensure reliable power supply. This means the PRO series is at home in all harsh environments where inverters are used – both in industrial applications and in electromobility.

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Circular connectors with ONECLICK fast-locking system