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With our broad portfolio of e-mobility charging technology, we see ourselves as empowers and partners of our customers and society for accelerating the transition to sustainable mobility, to stop global warming, and to protect the climate through electrification and digitalization.

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Interactive image map: Overview of the CHARX product families
AC charging cables
Mode 3 charging cables for AC charging with up to 22 kW – ergonomic, robust, and high-quality
To the AC charging cables
DC charging cables
GB/T and CCS charging connectors for fast charging with up to 500 kW (High Power Charging)
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Infrastructure charging sockets
Charging sockets for portable mode 3 charging cables with LED status indicator and temperature measurement
To the infrastructure charging sockets
Surge protection
Protect charging points and vehicles against damage caused by lightning and switching operations
To surge protection
Vehicle charging inlets
Universal vehicle charging inlets for AC and DC charging of electric cars and electric utility vehicles
To the vehicle charging inlets
Power electronics and power distribution
Power and distribution module for the efficient and scalable DC supply of fast charging stations
To power electronics and power distribution
AC charging controllers
Extremely compact and freely scalable mode 3 charging controller with open Linux platform
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DC charging controller
High-performance DC charging controller for state-of-the-art CHAdeMO and CCS charging stations
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Along with clean power generation, e-mobility is a key element paving the way to the All Electric Society. We will prepare you for sustainable, networked, and practical e-mobility with high-performance charging technology. Let’s shape the mobility transition together!

Michael Heinemann, CEO, Phoenix Contact E-Mobility GmbH
Michael Heinemann
Person charging their Tesla electric car at a home charger using an NACS charging cable

NACS is coming – and we’re prepared The first NACS charging cables will be available in Q4/2024

The North American Charging Standard (NACS) is gaining momentum and will replace the CCS type 1 charging standard in the long term. NACS will therefore play a central role in the electrification of the transport sector and the ramp-up of charging infrastructure in North America.

As a specialist in e-mobility charging technology, we of course want to satisfy the changing requirements of our customers and therefore offer SAE-compliant and UL-certified NACS charging cables that meet the particularly high demands.

Person charging an e-truck with an MCS charging connector

The Megawatt Charging System (MCS) Charging powers of up to 3.75 MW for heavy utility vehicles

The Megawatt Charging System (MCS) is set to become an internationally standardized fast charging system for heavy utility vehicles and enable charging powers of up to 3.75 MW. Since the CharIN MCS task force was created in 2018, we have been working on establishing requirements and standards for the development of the MCS.

In the medium term, we aim to introduce MCS charging cables and MCS vehicle charging inlets featuring Phoenix Contact’s customary superior quality.

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