CHARX connect – charging sockets for charging stations and home chargers

Charging sockets for charging stations and home charging points

The CHARX connect infrastructure charging sockets are mounted in AC charging stations and home chargers. These charging sockets enable mode 3 vehicle battery charging via single or three-phase charging cables with maximum charging powers of up to 26 kW. The sockets accommodate type 2 charging connectors for Europe in accordance with IEC 62196 and in accordance with the GB/T standard for China. The user can determine the status of the charging point intuitively via the freely controllable RGB LED indicator in the protective cover.

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Your advantages

  • Charging status intuitively visible at a glance with color LED indicator
  • Protected against overheating with precise temperature measurement
  • Flexible mounting and easy maintenance with plug-in cables
  • On request with your logo – for consistent branding of your charging station
  • Waterproof and dirtproof due to fully molded contacts
  • Developed and produced in accordance with the IATF 16949 automotive standard and ISO 9001

Presentation by our Product Manager

Presentation of CHARX connect infrastructure charging sockets
Presentation of CHARX connect infrastructure charging sockets MovingImage
Example illustration: Charging with alternating current according to mode 3

Charging with alternating current in accordance with mode 3, case B What exactly does that mean?

In case B of charging mode 3, the charging station has a charging socket instead of a fixed charging cable. In this case, connecting and charging a vehicle requires a mobile charging cable with a vehicle charging connector and infrastructure charging plug, which is usually carried along in the trunk.

Most often, public charging stations are built according to case B. Case B is only permissible for the European type 2 standard and the Chinese GB/T standard, not for the American type 1 standard.

Integrated LED display For intuitive operation

Users of your charging station can see the availability and status at a glance with the colored LED display integrated in the protective cover. The LEDs are freely controlled by the charging controller via pulse width modulation (PWM). Glowing, flashing, and pulsating in all RGB colors are possible. This allows you to configure an individual color value for each state of your charging point that matches your corporate design. Here is an example:

Type 2 charging socket glows green
Glowing green: Charging point is free and ready for charging
Type 2 charging socket pulses/glows blue
Pulsating blue: charging in progress, glowing blue: charging completed
Type 2 charging socket flashes red
Flashing red: Charging process interrupted due to a fault
Type 2 charging socket glows orange
Glowing orange: Charging point is reserved for a user
3D product view
Experience all details in 3D
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To the 3D product view
3D view of a type 2 AC charging socket

Overview of infrastructure charging sockets

Our portfolio at a glance:

Type 2 – Premium version

Type 2 – Basic version

GB/T – Basic version

Regions Europe, Australia, Greenland, India, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South America, and others Europe, Australia, Greenland, India, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South America, and others China
Certifications VDE VDE CQC
Technology and features
Charging power 8 kW … 26.6 kW 8 kW … 26.6 kW 8 kW … 24.4 kW
Number of phases Single-phase, 3-phase Single-phase, 3-phase Single-phase, 3-phase
LED display in protective cover
Temperature sensors
Plug-in connecting cables
Available items
Charging socket and protective cover set
Charging socket
Plug-in cable set
Protective cover
Charging socket with permanently connected cables
Directly to product (example) Directly to product (example) Directly to product (example)
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