ME-PLC multifunctional housings

ME-PLC multifunctional housings for controllers

Multifunctional electronics housings from the ME-PLC series are ideal for applications that require a large installation space and connection technology on the front. The housing system offers a large PCB assembly area for a wide range of applications. Up to 50-pos. DIN rail connectors enable convenient power and data transmission.

Product List

Your advantages

  • Front connection module with lever technology for high connection convenience
  • Generous housing dimensions ensure plenty of space on the PCB
  • Universal cover design for freely selectable connection technology
Pluggable front connection

Pluggable front connection

Pluggable front connection

The system offers convenient connection options, thanks to swivel connection technology modules.

  • Connection technology positioned in the front area
  • Easy insertion and removal, thanks to lever technology
  • Fully pre-assembled with quick Push-in spring connection for up to 36 positions
DIN rail connectors

DIN rail connectors

DIN rail connectors

Combine ME-PLC electronics housing, available in two different versions, for maximum flexibility. Both versions are supplied as an assembly kit, i.e. without PCB and unmounted. This means that individual and application-specific PCB designs can be integrated easily. You therefore have the functionality you need for your application.

  • 50 positions in the DIN rail and 40 positions in the device
  • 10-pos. in the DIN rail and 10-pos. in the device