The universal fieldbus solution

The universal fieldbus solution

The open fieldbus standard is suitable for numerous applications in automation.

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    Bus modules

    Modular bus couplers and block I/O devices with IP20 or IP65/IP67 protection – for connecting the I/O level to the DeviceNet network.

  • Product list Cables and connectors
    Cables and connectors

    DeviceNet™ cables and connectors in various lengths and with different degrees of protection, pre-assembled or sold by the meter.

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DeviceNet™ is ideally suitable for clear automation tasks thanks to the ultra-compact SMS format of the CIP protocol (Common Industrial Protocol). DeviceNet™ is standardized in European standard EN 50325 and is maintained by the ODVA (Open DeviceNet™ Vendor Association).

Your advantages

  • Less wiring effort, thanks to small devices being supplied directly via the bus
  • Reliable, thanks to communication being restored automatically
  • Intelligent: devices that are addressed twice are detected automatically

DeviceNet™: reliable and intelligent communication

DeviceNet™ components from Phoenix Contact  

DeviceNet™ components from Phoenix Contact

Efficient operation: DeviceNet™ supports multiple access and message prioritization. It belongs to the group of CIP fieldbus systems based on CAN (Controller Area Network).

The proven CAN mechanisms for error detection can also be used under DeviceNet™.

Additional advantages

The choice is yours: DeviceNet™ can be operated in a master/slave, multi-master or even peer-to-peer configuration.

In addition, thanks to the CIP protocol, DeviceNet™ uses the producer/consumer model. Unlike other models, this enables more efficient data transmission.

Components for DeviceNet™: modular and with a block design

Components for DeviceNet™  

Flexible Inline automation kit on DeviceNet™

Our bus couplers enable the flexible Inline automation kit to be operated on DeviceNet™ networks in the control cabinet.

Assemble your own Inline station. The station can be inserted at any point in the network using the fieldbus coupler. With regard to the architecture, the fieldbus coupler is a slave in the DeviceNet™ network and the master in the local bus.

Use Inline Block I/O for low and average numbers of I/Os. Thanks to the ultra-flat design, it is suitable for use in a confined space, such as in terminal boxes.

Devices from the Fieldline product range from Phoenix Contact are available for distributed automation in the field. The devices meet IP65/IP67 protection and are designed for harsh environments in close proximity to the station.

In the case of Fieldline Stand-Alone devices, the fieldbus connection and I/O level are integrated directly. Use them in the field in highly distributed applications where only a few digital I/O points are required.

Infrastructure components for DeviceNet™

Infrastructure components for DeviceNet™  

Infrastructure components for DeviceNet™

For the first time ever, an infrastructure kit in copper and fiber optic technology is available with the PSI-REP and PSI-MOS modular repeater concept.

The network structure is optimized by means of potential segmentation. This offers you virtually unlimited options with regard to the network topology.

At the same time, transmission speed and system availability are maximized – thanks to isolated error limiting or redundant installation concepts.

Convert your Ethernet interface to fiber optics with our Factoryline Ethernet media converters: for maximum immunity to interference and maximum transmission ranges in industrial Ethernet applications.

In addition, the Factoryline isolators are used for electrical isolation (up to 4 kV) in copper-based Ethernet networks, enabling you to protect your Ethernet devices and interfaces, as well as significantly increase immunity to interference under industrial conditions.


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