Fast and synchronous

Fast and synchronous

For years, the proven solution for motion control applications has been the open real time-capable interface of Sercos.

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  • Product list Cables and connectors
    Cables and connectors

    Sercos cables and connectors in various lengths and degrees of protection, pre-assembled or sold by the meter.

  • Product list bus modules
    Bus modules

    Modular bus couplers and block I/O devices with IP20 or IP65/IP67 protection for connecting the I/O level to the sercos network.

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You can rely on the Sercos automation bus. Since the early 1990s, it has developed into an internationally-accepted real time communication standard for demanding and precise applications. The third generation of the Sercos series is based on standard Ethernet.

Your advantages

  • Fast data transmission: Ethernet speed of 100 Mbps
  • Short runtimes, thanks to fast processing of Sercos real time telegrams (on the fly)
  • Easy and cost-saving installation – no additional network components such as hubs or switches
  • Freely selectable cycle time, thanks to variable communication cycles between 31.25 µs and 65 ms
  • Versatile, as any Ethernet protocols can be transmitted parallel to Sercos real time communication, without cycle errors
  • Protection against cable breaks and media failure, thanks to isolated redundancy mechanism

Precise and efficient

Packaging machine  

Sercos in use: automatic packaging machine

With Sercos, you can achieve maximum real time precision. Benefit from the advantages of this system:

  • Unrivaled hardware synchronization
  • Minimal signal fluctuations (jitter)

The jitter of a Sercos master is therefore only ±10 ns. The precision of the synchronization is less than 20 ns. The simultaneity is less than 100 ns.

Axioline I/O components

I/O components for Sercos from Phoenix Contact  

I/O components for Sercos

The Axioline IO system offers I/O components for Sercos for installation in the control cabinet and the field.

For control cabinet installation
Thanks to an update time of 1 µs per I/O module, you can make full use of the potential of Sercos with the Axioline F series. You thereby achieve the ideal system for particularly fast and synchronous applications.
The extensive portfolio of the block-modular I/O system offers great flexibility. Using it together with the high-performance Sercos bus coupler, you can build your Sercos station according to your needs.


For field installation
The Axioline E series devices excel, thanks to rapid installation, robust housing, and particularly simple handling. In addition to standard digital functions, IO-Link communication also provides maximum flexibility here. There are two housing types (metal and plastic) available depending on the requirement.

Easy installation

CAT5e cable  

CAT5e cable

Connect all devices using standard CAT5e cables from Phoenix Contact, which are suitable for industrial applications. Installation is very easy: following a short initialization phase, the network is synchronized and ready for use.

New devices can be easily coupled in during operation. They are automatically integrated into communication and real time data exchange (hot plug-in).


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