Cloud-based field monitoring

Cloud-based field monitoring

From the sensor to the cloud

Read out process data from the field with intelligent transmitters.

Modern intelligent process field devices, e.g. for fill level monitoring, provide significantly more data than just one measured value: data on corrosion, seal integrity, partial filling, and ambient temperatures are available, but this information can be read out only with great effort.

With the HART gateway from Phoenix Contact, HART-compatible sensors are connected via branch line to ensure that the measured data can be read out easily in existing structures. In combination with our PLCnext Control controller, the measurement data is transmitted to a cloud or made available to other systems in an OPC UA server.

Your advantages

  • The available field data is put to use for targeted maintenance actions and predictive maintenance through digital networking
  • Extendable, thanks to the easy, impact-free integration of additional field devices
  • Failures can be predicted and process optimized, thanks to existing and additional sensors
  • Efficient, effective use of the data, thanks to scalable databases with high availability

Easy implementation with standard components

Concept sensor-actuator data in the cloud: NOA ready

Measured values are fed easily and securely into secondary systems for analysis. Combined with our PLCnext Control controller, the HART gateways enable easy connection to the Phoenix Contact Proficloud to ensure that diagnostics data from the field can be read out.

Cloud-based data analysis  

Increased system availability with cloud-based data analysis

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