Aerial view of city visualizing the digitalization of buildings

Building automation Building intelligence – shaping digital change together

  • Balance between building, people, and use
  • Combination of cost-effectiveness and comfort
  • High energy efficiency
  • Update and upgrade capable without interruptions during operation

Digitalize buildings, and no longer just automate them

Our working and living spaces are becoming more and more important. Buildings need to contribute to the company’s success in the long term, and not be seen as just expensive assets. Modern buildings adapt themselves to the needs of the user and support cost-effective operation. Furthermore, intelligent buildings can greatly help to reduce CO2 levels. We need to rethink our approach to buildings for the sake of society and the economy.

Bernhard Tillmans - Phoenix Contact, Global Industry Manager
Bernhard Tillmanns – Phoenix Contact
Woman in a building holding a digital plan

Digital transformation in the building industry

Are you looking for a way to operate your building cost-effectively and efficiently, while also enjoying new levels of comfort?

Adapt your building flexibly to the needs of users. Realize cost-effective and reliable operation. With a future-oriented infrastructure and user-oriented equipment, you can provide a greater sense of well-being for users while also increasing their performance – all with the added freedom to design individual smart functions. Harness the potential of digital transformation in the building industry.

Controlling room automation via a smartphone

Intelligent needs-based control of room automation

Is the control of your air conditioning, lighting, and energy supply already coordinated?

In this way, you can provide increased comfort in your rooms, while achieving a high degree of energy efficiency. How is this possible? For example, the waste heat generated by air conditioning can be used for heating purposes. Utilizing waste heat in this way saves primary energy, thereby reducing energy costs.

The air quality in the building is poor and productivity is decreasing. Is this a familiar scenario?

Each individual has a different sense of well-being with regard to their environment. Light, temperature, and even sound levels greatly influence our productivity and creativity. Intelligent buildings focus on needs-based lighting, ventilation, and even shading – responding individually to your requirements.

We provide you with comprehensive support across all lifecycle phases of your building

From planning and system integration to a highly diverse range of over 60,000 products for your smart building. On startup and during operation, we can help you conquer specific challenges throughout the entire lifecycle of your building.

Controlling the Emalytics building management system via a tablet

Emalytics building management system

Emalytics building management system The technological foundations for your Smart Building

Whether new buildings or the efficient integration of existing systems: Digitalize your buildings with our IoT-based Emalytics building management system and benefit from efficient engineering and a single system for all applications.