PLCnext Technology

PLCnext Technology

PLCnext Technology is the ecosystem for industrial automation consisting of open hardware, modular engineering software, a global community, and a digital software marketplace.

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PLCnext Technology connects the IT and OT worlds Make your application fit for IIoT and Industry 4.0

Digitalization and globalization are placing new demands on industrial automation. The precisely tailored design of the open automation system is just as important as flexible, modular expansion. In addition to standard programming of PLC systems in accordance with IEC 61131-3, parallel programming and the combination of programming languages such as C/C++, C#, and Matlab® Simulink® in real time is also possible with PLCnext Control. Accelerate your application development process with the free basic version of PLCnext Engineer. Or use your familiar programming environment. You decide.
With simple cloud integration, the option to use open source software, and the ever-expanding expertise of the PLCnext Community, you will benefit from new forms of collaboration. The resulting solution apps, software modules, runtime systems, and function extensions are available in the PLCnext Store and save an enormous amount of time and money when creating applications. This makes PLCnext Technology the ideal ecosystem for your modern automation challenge.

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Real-time capability and combinability of IEC 61131-3 and high-level languages PLCnext Control

PLCnext Control is the hardware for the PLCnext Technology ecosystem. It enables the implementation of automation projects without the limitations of proprietary systems. The PLCs based on a Linux kernel are characterized by their real-time capability, both for IEC 61131-3 and for high-level languages such as C/C++ and Matlab® Simulink®. The patented task handling allows any combination of IEC 61131-3 code, high-level languages, and model-based tools in one task.
Connect directly to or any other cloud and integrate individual cloud services. Use the data from your system to optimize your processes. As a result, you increase the quality of your products, reduce costs, and do not have to intervene in running systems. Your data is optimally protected: PLCnext Control is TÜV-certified in accordance with IEC 62443-4-1 ML 3 Full Process Profile and IEC 62443-4-2. Furthermore, the AXC F 2152 and AXC F 3152 controllers have received IEC 61850 Ed. 2.1 and IEC 62351-3 certification from DNV.
PLCnext Control offers scalable controllers with IP20 degree of protection. From modular controllers for basic applications and centrally managed high-performance controllers to PC-based edge devices – this product family always offers a suitable solution for your project. The modular controllers give you flexibility for your station structure. Choose from a wide range of I/Os or extend the interfaces and functionality of the controller with left-alignable modules. If you want to implement AI or edge applications, our portfolio also offers specially optimized hardware for this. The open Linux core also allows you to integrate new technologies such as OPC UA, TSN, and 5G. PLCnext Control thus offers a high degree of future-proofing.

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This first interactive e-paper on PLCnext Technology provides you with all the information you need in one place. You will find buttons throughout this e-paper that enable further interaction. Be inspired by exciting applications. Take a closer look at our hardware with 3D images. Find out about products in our web shop or learn more about all four parts of the ecosystem. Plus, there are plenty of related links and embedded videos on all your favorite topics.
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Accelerated application development with favored engineering tools PLCnext Engineer

Commission your PLCnext Control more quickly.
Holistic programming within one interface offers enormous time and cost savings.
The PLCnext Engineer software platform, which can be extended flexibly and individually with function add-ins, is a free software tool for all engineering tasks associated with PLCnext Control:

  • Configuration
  • Programming in accordance with IEC 61131-3
  • Visualization
  • Diagnostics

By combining all essential functions for the engineering process in one software package, the entire project planning can be implemented in a single engineering environment.
However, the flexible engineering tool is not just an all-in-one tool for conventional programming because it combines all the essential functions for the engineering process in one software. It also provides convenient handling when connecting high-level language programs and the standard automation.
Benefit from being able to use your familiar programming environment! With PLCnext Engineer, we make it easy for you to configure your PROFINET networks, integrate high-level language programs and MATLAB® Simulink® models, and commission and manage these on a PLCnext Control.
Tailored to your application, additional function add-ins such as a safety solution, MATLAB® Simulink® viewer, and a visualization generator can be easily integrated into the engineering platform.
You can also accelerate your application development by using ready-made solutions and software modules from the PLCnext Store. Customize the software to your individual needs. PLCnext Engineer's modular architecture means that there are no limits to what you can do.

Exchange ideas, take inspiration, join in.
Join and get involved!
Whether you're looking for testimonials, apps, expert advice, 24/7 support, events and webinars, launch news, or industry trends, you will find everything in one place.
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Time and cost savings in application development PLCnext Store

As a result of advancing digitalization, complex software functions are taking up more and more space within automation projects. This requires increasingly specialized software skills in application development. Not every programmer has the necessary experience for this. Phoenix Contact has established the PLCnext Store digital software marketplace precisely for this purpose.
The PLCnext Store offers software applications (apps) with which you can immediately and easily extend the functions of PLCnext Control. This can significantly increase the efficiency of your development processes. The apps on offer range from software libraries for accelerated programming to fully programmed apps that can be used without programming knowledge.
The openness of the store also allows third-party developers to sell the apps they have developed. The PLCnext Store includes various apps for every use case.
Thanks to a dynamically growing range on offer, the variety and application possibilities are constantly increasing. There are no limits when it comes to your future extensions.

Be inspired! The PLCnext Store provides innovative solutions and creative ideas, even for highly specialized requirements.

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Benefit from crowd knowledge PLCnext Community

As digitalization and globalization advance, new types of collaboration are becoming both possible and necessary. Because of shortened cycles in application development and high competition, your company faces new challenges that are very difficult to overcome alone. Phoenix Contact therefore promotes more effective collaboration and crowd knowledge. With PLCnext Technology, several developers from different disciplines can work together on one project. This leads to fast application developments, especially for complex applications. Use open source software, e.g., from GitHub. With the help of the community, the code is less vulnerable to error and faster bug fixes are available. This means you can increase your innovative strength and save resources.
Stay in touch with us through our PLCnext Community website and social media channels. Be the first to know about firmware updates and product news. Exchange ideas with other users at any time. Share your experience or ask a question in the forum. The Business Lounge additionally offers you the latest industry trends and already implemented “Made with PLCnext Technology” use cases. If you would like to dive deeper into the topic of the PLCnext Technology ecosystem, take advantage of the wide range of tutorials, e-learning programs, and webinars available.

Become a part of the PLCnext Community! #iamplcnext #plcnext

We need to make better use of existing potential, for faster developments and more innovative strength.
The PLCnext Store was designed to use the collective intelligence of the entire industry.

Ulrich Leidecker - Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, COO and President of Business Area Industry Management & Automation
Ulrich Leidecker

Ulrich Leidecker

Your advantages with PLCnext Technology

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With PLCnext Technology, several developers from different generations can work on one controller program, in parallel and yet independently, using different programming languages. This enables you to develop complex applications quickly by combining the advantages of the classic PLC world with the openness and flexibility of PLCnext Technology.

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Combine program sequences in different languages into tasks as desired. The task handling of PLCnext Technology (patent pending) enables program routines of different origin to be run as classic IEC 61131 PLC code – your high-level language programs automatically become deterministic. The platform ensures consistent data exchange and synchronous execution of the program code.

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PLCnext Technology enables any desired combination of independently created program parts and complete applications. Using open source software and apps improves the efficiency of your development processes. There are no limits when it comes to future extensions.

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PLCnext Technology enables you to integrate current and future interfaces and protocols for open communication in highly networked automation systems. Implement new IoT-based business models through direct connection to cloud-based services and databases.

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The openness of PLCnext Technology enables you to use your favorite programming language, be it IEC 61131 or a high-level language. Develop your individual solution conveniently in a familiar development environment such as PLCnext Engineer, Matlab Simulink, Eclipse or Visual Studio.

Projects made with PLCnext Technology

PLCnext Technology is much more than just a grand vision. Today, many projects are already being implemented in different industries. We control brewing processes with ideas from our community and remove weeds on train tracks in real time. There is much to discover.

It is very important for us to take care of IT security and always stay up to date.

Philipp Eiben - Kraftwerk Huntorf, Process monitoring
Philipp Eiben

Philipp Eiben