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Industrial remote communication Worldwide access to machines and systems

Your expert partner for remote networks – from remote maintenance to remote control technology:

  • Broad product portfolio for industrial remote communication
  • Wired and wireless access to your remote networks
  • Flexible and future-proof network connection with Industrial 5G

Future-proof networks

Machines and systems are often distributed over wide areas. Securely connecting distributed stations to the control room is made possible with the versatile possibilities of remote communication. Remote communication enables access and continuous process data monitoring from a central point. Phoenix Contact provides a broad portfolio of products for wireless and wired remote access for this purpose.

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Find out more about the different ways you can access your systems remotely:

  • Remote maintenance: maintenance and servicing work are performed quickly and efficiently with worldwide direct access to controllers and Ethernet networks.
  • Remote control: the secure and continuous transmission of process data to the control center means that even remote external stations and substations can be monitored and controlled.
  • Remote control and remote monitoring: errors are quickly eliminated and production downtimes minimized with proactive and precise early warning messages via SMS or email.
Industrial network

Remote communication via Industrial 5G

Remote access via 5G

5G, the new cellular standard, significantly extends the possibilities of industrial communication. In addition to high data rates, higher numbers of devices and low latencies are possible with high reliability. Communication over long distances is often required in classic remote maintenance and remote control applications. This is where the public cellular network comes in, because it is available worldwide and provides Internet access even in remote locations.

With Industrial 5G, private networks that satisfy all of the prerequisites for flexible and future-proof network connections in mobile or highly flexible applications can also be established, for example. The advantages of a private network are that companies can track, analyze, and configure data traffic flexibly to suit their requirements. We will be happy to advise you on the new possibilities offered by 5G.

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