Protective relays for reliable mains protection

Protective relays for reliable mains protection

Our comprehensive portfolio of protection technology enables reliable grid availability in the voltage ranges of 10 kV to 110 kV. The protective and control devices can be used in, for example, single and double busbar applications, as well as radial, looped, and meshed grids. They can also be used in insulated, compensated, rigid, and low-resistance grounded grids.

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Protective relays for reliable mains protection

Your advantages at a glance Digital protective relays for intelligent mains protection

  • Large functional scope with protection, control, and measurement functions in a compact design
  • Intuitive operation with clearly laid-out front panel and simple configuration options
  • Long service life with battery-free design and extremely low power consumption
  • Satisfies IT security requirements in accordance with the BDEW white paper
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The DIGICOM operating and fault analysis program helps users configure all the protective relays, for example, via the USB interface on the front panel, and document the configuration files. A comprehensive measurement center allows grid faults to be saved, read out, analyzed, and evaluated graphically. The protective relays can also be updated and upgraded using the operating software.
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Protective relays of the KOMBISAVE+ product family on a wall

Intelligent mains protection with KOMBISAVE+

The protective relays of the KOMBISAVE+ product family are perfectly suited for use in the distribution grid. Motors, transformers, cables, and lines can be protected in switching devices with single or double busbars.
The devices include a large range of functions, from overcurrent protection through to QU protection, distance protection and line differential protection, synchro check, and automatic reconnection.

Transformer current-supplied mains protection with POWERSAVE

Transformer current-supplied mains protection with POWERSAVE

POWERSAVE is a compact and powerful protective relay with a
full range of protection, control, and measurement functions. With the optional integrated power management for direct triggering of the circuit breaker, the device solution is independent of the external power supply.

The combination of energy management and distance protection functions makes the protective relay indispensable as blackout protection.