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    Terminal adapters

    Terminal adapters in various designs and with different connection technologies.

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Do you want to transmit different media or quickly connect cables to power distributors? Phoenix Contact offers the right solution: contact inserts in various performance classes and with a wide range of connection technologies. Choose terminal adapters as your space-saving connection element.

Your advantages

  • Wide area of application: for data, signals, power (up to 200 A), and compressed air
  • Save time, thanks to fast connection technologies such as push-in or QUICKON (IDC) connection
  • Shorten installation time with the innovative snap-in frame for modular contact inserts
  • Universal use – up to six modules in one size B24 housing
  • Protection against mismatching, thanks to coding with plastic profiles

Contact inserts with a fixed number of positions

Contact inserts with a fixed number of positions – in a wide range of connection technologies  

Contact inserts with a fixed number of positions

Distribute power reliably and safely using contact inserts from Phoenix Contact.

The contact inserts offer the following:

  • Combination insert (two different contact sizes), eliminating one contact insert
  • Fast connection technologies, such as push-in or QUICKON (IDC) connection, enable cable connection within seconds
  • Coding with plastic profiles (B series with screw, push-in, crimp or QUICKON connection)

Quick coding

Contact insert with coding profile  

Contact insert with coding profile

Play it safe: use contact inserts with an additional coding method. Plug-in coding profiles prevent you from mismatching identical, adjacent connectors.

Coding takes just seconds using plug-in coding profiles: simply snap the plug-in coding profiles into the coding keyways of the contact inserts. Using plug-in coding profiles, you can protect up to six connectors against mismatching.

Terminal adapters

Terminal adapters – space-saving connection in the control cabinet  

Terminal adapters

How do you design a space-saving connection element? Using terminal adapters from Phoenix Contact of course. They are the perfect blend of conventional terminal block and contact insert. Install the terminal adapters in a control cabinet panel. A connector can be attached from the outside.

As the PE connection always has to be at the top, terminal adapters are available for the right and left control cabinet panel. The terminal adapters, which can have up to 64 positions, are available with screw and push-in connection.


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