Process industry from above with visualizations for process automation

Process automation Enhanced connectivity for smart production

Highly complex production plants in the process industry must be able to keep pace with constantly growing demands for higher levels of safety, security, availability, reliability, and efficiency even under extreme conditions. The consistent digitalization of plants and processes will help you negotiate these challenges.

Discover our open, secure, and scalable solutions for digitalization as well as products and technologies for connecting your field installations to your data center. They provide a sustainable way for you to optimize the transparency and efficiency of your production operations and supply chain.

Individual solutions for the process industry

Capture, transfer, and process data: Benefit from our tailor-made solutions developed from connection, communication, and automation technology for the digitalization, monitoring, and modernization of your production plants and their infrastructure.

Two people in the control room monitoring the process plant

Get a full overview of your process plant from the control room.

Asset monitoring High efficiency and system availability with intelligent monitoring and observation solutions

Increase personal and system safety, prevent unexpected downtimes, and ensure that environmental and energy efficiency requirements are met. Whether operating data, energy levels, or alerts, we will create an optimum concept for the acquisition and transmission of your field data, ensuring that the data is available exactly where it is needed. From monitoring emergency showers and production sites to developing a digital map of your production plant, discover our examples of monitoring solutions for various system areas.

Wind, solar, and electrolysis plant

Solutions for electrification, networking, and automation in the power-to-X industry.

Power-to-X With power-to-X to the All Electric Society

Make your production processes energy and resource efficient with our open, secure digitalization solutions and innovative products. We will help you to automate, electrify, and digitalize the processes around power-to-X.

Our solutions are already used in the traditional process industry. Many of our applications also meet the requirements of the hydrogen industry – find out more!

Virtual processing plant
Open and secure digitalization solutions
How can we make the digitalization of the process industry a success? Under the motto “Enhanced Connectivity for Smart Production”, you will discover solutions in our virtual processing plant that will help you accelerate the digital transformation of your plant.
Our virtual processing plant
Virtual processing plant


Our expertise for the open and secure networking of your plants in process automation.


Individual solutions for process automation based on reliable products.

Control system cabinet with VIP termination boards and connected system cables

All components from our extensive product portfolio interact seamlessly in our tailor-made solutions.

We offer various products and solutions developed from connection, communication, and automation technology for typical control, monitoring, and optimization tasks. They enable you to reliably capture, transport, and process data.

Our comprehensive product portfolio ranges from terminal block systems with modern connection technologies, system cabling for various control systems, power supplies and UPS systems through electronic motor management systems for pump and motor monitoring to remote I/Os. Furthermore, we provide network components for fieldbus and Ethernet networks as well as wireless solutions and cloud connections.

Download further information on our products for the process industry here.

Industries in focus

Each industry has specific requirements. We will provide you with confidential support from a network of specialists with a wealth of industry- and country-specific experience.

Man in front of a production facility for oil and gas

Solutions for oil and gas

From production and transport, right through to the refining and processing of oil and gas, we accompany you every step of the way as you migrate to digital and future-proof systems that will also withstand extreme conditions. Our digital oil field solutions are based on an open control platform and facilitate more rapid and economical diagnostics, as well as more efficient monitoring.

Man with radio equipment in front of a processing plant

Solutions for the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry

We provide you with technologies and concepts for digitalization trends in industrial parks, production plants, and package unit applications. New observation and monitoring solutions based on an open control platform enable new ways to increase your system availability and efficiency.

Paper and pulp production

Further process industries

Our open, secure and scalable solutions can also be transferred to other sectors in the process industry. These include, for example, the food and beverage industry, the pulp and paper industry, and the cement industry.

With our industry-wide know-how and many years of experience in the process industry, we develop technologies and concepts for your applications based on open standards in hardware and software.

Customer references

Find out why our process industry customers choose Phoenix Contact.

Solutions for process automation
Solutions for process automation YouTube

Increased system availability and safety at Braskem Idesa

"Phoenix Contact’s solutions help us increase our plant safety,"says Enrique de Dios, supervisor at Braskem Idesa in Mexico.

Learn more about our cooperation with Braskem Idesa, a manufacturer of plastic materials, in the video. Our monitoring solutions enable production plants to be highly available and competitive.