Culture and attitude

What does Phoenix Contact stand for? Find out here about the basis of our cooperation and how we contribute to a more sustainable world.
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Together, we are creating a sustainable world based on our passion for technology and innovation

We have been developing technologies for a better future right from the start. This is because for us, technology is the key to prosperity and sustainable growth. So there has always been a sense of purpose at Phoenix Contact. With the Purpose Statement – our “what we stand for” – we set our Corporate Purpose in writing:

Together, we are creating a sustainable world based on our passion for technology and innovation.”

We have the expertise, the products, and the solutions to actively shape this world. This is because we see ourselves as an active part of society. Clearly, our actions have an impact. We can and want to be measured by this.

Our mission

As a technology company, we are pursuing the strategic direction of the All Electric Society on the way to a sustainable world.

A networked globe to represent the All Electric Society

Empowering the All Electric Society

Empowering the All Electric Society

“Solutions for electrification, networking and automation are our contribution to a world in which renewable energy is available for the benefit of everybody.”

This is our mission, which we use to describe what we are doing to achieve the strategic direction of the sustainable world.

Our culture and values

As an independent family company, we combine common sense and consistency with our passion for the latest technologies. At Phoenix Contact, we focus on people.

Unprecedented global challenges require, more than ever, a conscious commitment with value-based action.

Corporate Principles board in a meeting room

The basis for our actions and cooperation has been firmly anchored in our Corporate Principles for decades. Unchanged in wording. Unchanged in their effects.


  • We always act in a way to ensure our entrepreneurial freedom.

Innovative and creative

  • We consider innovation as a path-breaking bridge to a sustainable future; thus we pro-actively develop our company.

Trusting partnerships

  • Our actions are based on a mutually committed spirit, on friendliness and honesty.
  • Our relations to customers and business partners focus on sustainable benefits for both sides.
  • Our corporate culture encourages trust and supports employees‘ development for achieving agreed targets.

Creating a sense of purpose together with corporate activities This, coupled with our passion for technology and innovation, unites us at Phoenix Contact.

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Worker in a safety vest with a safety helmet
Three students from the dual study program for machine building in the workshop
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Three men working in the Eduline laboratory in Kiel, Germany