Distributors for installation systems for reliable and durable electrical installations

Distributors for installation systems

Implement your electrical installations quickly and with long-term stability using preassembled distributors in various designs. T distributors provide an easy way to establish branch lines in ring systems. Depending on the application, H distributors provide up to three outputs and thus enable you to set up star structures in your electrical installations.

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Your advantages

  • Time-saving, simple power distribution of large cabling projects
  • Fast connection and locking technology ensure safe and convenient installation and mounting
  • Robust, weatherproof materials enable indoor and outdoor use
  • Customer-specific versions and assembly available on request

New products

IPD distributors for electrical installations

Distributors for electrical installations

Distribute power easily and tool-free

IPD distribution boards enable simple and safe power distribution in buildings or infrastructure facilities. Reliable and tool-free installation of 3- and 5-pos. connectors with conductor cross-sections up to 2.5 mm² is ensured by simply plugging them in.

Main features

  • H and Y distributors
  • 3- and 5-pos. versions
  • Bayonet fast-locking system
  • Voltage: 500 V
  • Currents up to 20 A
  • Connector for conductor cross-section: 0.5 mm² ... 2.5 mm²
  • Degree of protection: IP66, IP68, IP69K

Your Advantages

  • Significant time savings through tool-free and plug-in connection
  • Bayonet fast-locking system ensures easy mounting, even in particularly difficult installation situations
  • Mechanical coding to prevent mismatching and ensure safe installation
  • Reliable use outdoors and in wet areas due to the high degree of protection

Configurator for IPD installation connectors and distributors

Configure IPD power distribution conveniently and individually

Configurator for installation connectors and distributors

Configure your power distribution conveniently with IPD installation connectors and distributors. You can easily adjust connectors and cable lengths in accordance with your requirements. The intuitive menu navigation and 3D display makes configuration as easy as child’s play. Export the item list or order your solution directly.

The IPD installation system with Push-in connection

Experience easy power distribution with IPD series installation connectors and distributors. With Push-in technology and fast-locking, the IPD installation system can be installed conveniently and tool-free. Installation is quick and safe, even in areas that are difficult to access. With IP66, IP68, and IP69K, all components are particularly robust and protected against water and dust. This guarantees particularly durable and long-lasting power cabling in challenging outdoor and industrial environments.

The QPD installation system with IDC connection

Industrial power distribution does not have to be time-consuming or complicated. The QPD installation system for capacities up to 690 V/40 A is proof of this. With the proven QUICKON IDC displacement connection, cables up to 5 x 6.0 mm² can be connected quickly and easily, without the need for stripping or screwing. You can choose either fixed or pluggable connections to create flexible distribution solutions.

The PRC installation system

The PRC installation system is ideally suited for compact and safe power transmission up to 35 A. High degrees of protection and impact resistance up to IK08 ensure reliable power distribution even under extreme ambient conditions. The locking can be released either manually or by using tools and ensures greater flexibility during installation and maintenance of your system.

All installation systems at a glance
Find out more about our portfolio of installation systems. Depending on the application, choose between simple cable connections, convenient power distribution, or compact device connections.
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IPD, PRC, and QPD installation systems

Ideal for numerous applications Our installation systems provide flexible and resistant power distribution in building, industrial, and outdoor applications.

Tunnel with lighting
Transportation infrastructure
Wind turbine in a solar park
Power generation
Electric vehicles under solar powered charging park
LTE base station
Office building from inside
Building infrastructure
Container ship
Marine and offshore
Conveyor belt
Production building
Roof-top HVAC system
Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
E-bike charging station