Installation cable for fixed and flexible installation

Installation cable for electrical installations

With installation cables for fixed and flexible installation, you can fulfill all the requirements of modern electrical installations. The cables available are preassembled with one or two connectors in the common lengths. You can have the installation cable manufactured according to your needs through configurable variants. Different cable types for many applications round off the portfolio.

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Your advantages

  • Plug-and-play enables time savings of up to 80% during startup
  • Permanent production controls for high quality
  • Locking mechanism unlocked manually or using a tool
  • Weatherproof materials enable indoor and outdoor use

New products

Assembled IPD installation cables
IPD pluggable installation system
PRC cable connectors and protective caps

Assembled IPD installation cables

Quick and easy power distribution

Experience simple and tool-free power distribution with the IPD installation system. Assembled IPD cable assemblies facilitate installation and support fast commissioning, especially in large cabling projects.

Main features

  • Number of positions: 2+PE; 4 + PE
  • Voltage/currents:
    3-pos.: 450/500 V; up to 16 A
    5-pos.: 450/600 V; up to 16 A
  • Push-Lock connection
  • Degrees of protection: IP66, IP68
  • Cable length: 0.5 m, 1 m, 3 m, 5 m
  • Versions with male to female or free cable end

Your Advantages

  • Convenient handling, even in areas that are difficult to access
  • Easy and reliable installation thanks to pluggable connection with fast-locking and mechanical coding to prevent mismatching
  • Highly reliable with a robust housing with a degree of protection up to IP66 and IP68
  • Customer-specific versions from a batch size of 1 on request

IPD pluggable installation system

Simple and tool-free power distribution

Based on Push-in technology and a fast-locking system, the pluggable IPD installation system enables simple, time-saving power distribution in buildings and infrastructure facilities. The IPD system offers convenient working and reliable assembly, even in particularly difficult installation situations.

Main features

  • Field-side with Push-Lock connection
  • Device-side with Push-in connection
  • Fast-locking
  • Voltage: 690 V
  • Currents up to 16 A
  • Conductor cross-section: 0.5 mm² … 2.5 mm²
  • Degree of protection: IP67, IP68
  • Impact resistance: IK07

Your Advantages

  • Connectors with Push-Lock and panel feed-throughs with Push-in connection allow easy, tool-free assembly
  • Easy and reliable installation thanks to pluggable connection with fast-locking and mechanical coding to prevent mismatching
  • Male and female versions for wire-to-wire connections
  • Easy device replacement in the event of servicing with pluggable components
  • IP67 degree of protection for use outdoors and in wet areas

PRC cable connectors and protective caps

For secure connections in outdoor areas

With PRC cable connectors and protective caps, you can carry out cable work reliably for superstructures and structural alterations. The PRC SPLK cable connectors ensure long-term stable connections for cables. The protective cap PRC TERM protects open cable ends against dirt and moisture.

Main features

  • Rated voltage: 600 V AC
  • Rated current: 20 A
  • Cable diameter: 9.5 mm ... 12.5 mm
  • Degree of protection: IP67
  • Connection range: up to 4 mm²

Your Advantages

  • Easily extend and repair conductors and cables
  • Secure protection of free cable ends against environmental influences
  • Suitable for use outdoors with UV and saltwater-resistant plastics
  • Patented closure technology prevents the housing from being opened accidentally

Video about the PRC system
IPD series installation system MovingImage

The PRC installation system

The PRC installation system is ideally suited for compact and safe power transmission up to 35 A. High degrees of protection and impact resistance up to IK08 ensure reliable power distribution even under extreme ambient conditions. The locking can be released either manually or by using tools and ensures greater flexibility during installation and maintenance of your system.

Video about the IPD installation system
IPD series installation system MovingImage

The IPD installation system

Experience simple power distribution with the IPD installation system for buildings and infrastructure equipment. The IPD (Installation Power Distribution) system is fully pluggable and ideally suited for your lighting applications. The Push-in technology allows you to connect 3- and 5-position cables up to 2.5 mm² conveniently and without tools, even in difficult-to-access areas. Thanks to the IP67 degree of protection, IPD can also be used safely outdoors and in wet areas.

Video about the QPD series installation system
QPD series installation system MovingImage

The QPD installation system

Industrial power distribution does not have to be time-consuming or complicated. The QPD installation system is proof of this. Thanks to the proven QUICKON IDC displacement connection, cables up to 5 x 6.0 mm² can be connected quickly and easily, without the need for stripping or screwing. You can choose either fixed or pluggable connections to create flexible distribution solutions.

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