Marking The consistent marking of all components for identification is a time-consuming work step in control cabinet building. For efficient implementation, the holistic MARKING system range provides you with marking solutions for all requirements and applications.

Two employees standing in a marking cell in a large production hall

Holistic solutions for efficient identification

Clear, easily visible, and permanent identification increases safety and simplifies workflows. All work processes throughout the product lifecycle of a control cabinet can be performed more efficiently if the components are uniformly marked. Up to 30% of the total production time of a control cabinet is spent just printing, separating, and mounting markings. Our marking solutions ensure maximum efficiency in this work step: Marking software, printing systems, and marking materials are perfectly coordinated and intuitive to use.

Your advantages of efficient identification

  • Extensive product portfolio: application-specific identification for every requirement inside and outside the control cabinet using thermal transfer, UV LED, and laser technology
  • A marking software for the management and control of all marking systems from Phoenix Contact
  • Around 60% time savings: The THERMOMARK E SERIES prints and mounts identification solutions automatically on conductors and cables in just one step
  • Full flexibility: system solutions for central identification processes in a marking cell, decentralized marking processes on site or through worker assistance systems

Marking solutions for control cabinet production Flexible and scalable design of the marking process

Employee marks in marking cell
Workers marking using the THERMOMARK GO and the MARKING system app
Worker marks on clipx WIRE assist
Employee marks in marking cell

If all identification processes are carried out centrally in a marking cell, it is essential that all marking systems are controlled and managed from one marking software tool. With the help of the MARKING system software, you assign your projects to the printing and marking systems and start the printing processes with just one click. In addition to the common control method via Ethernet, the THERMOMARK E SERIES also offers another advantage. By using the OPC UA bidirectional communication interface, you are informed in real time about the project and operating status of the individual devices. The system can respond quickly in the event of a malfunction, thus minimizing downtimes.

Workers marking using the THERMOMARK GO and the MARKING system app

In a sprawling control cabinet manufacturing environment, consistent identification can be costly. With our mobile printing systems, you can make tasks and work processes more independent and flexible. Realize various print jobs quickly and easily right at the control cabinet with the flexible THERMOMARK PRIME card printer, the app-controlled THERMOMARK GO label printer or the robust THERMOMARK GO.K handheld printer.

Worker marks on clipx WIRE assist

Combine our marking systems with the clipx WIRE assist worker assistance system for efficient, ergonomic, and semi-automated conductor and cable processing. The software-supported system guides you step by step through the entire process of semi-automated wire and cable processing, automatically controls the relevant output devices, and provides the necessary information based on the ECAD data. This enables intuitive workflows and minimizes the risk of errors. In project business, the worker assistance system features can be tailored to respond individually and flexibly to the specific customer or application requirements.

Devices for industrial identification

Marking systems Thermal transfer, UV LED, and laser technology

Whether thermal transfer, laser, or UV LED technology – with our marking systems, we have made marking easier than ever for you. The wide range of printing and marking systems that we offer is guaranteed to provide you with the right solution for marking terminals, wires and cables, devices, and plants. Do you want to make control cabinet building even more efficient? For the first time ever, our modular THERMOMARK E SERIES marking system combines and automates several process steps in the identification process, thereby enabling a considerable increase in efficiency in this time-consuming undertaking.

More efficiency in control cabinet building with automated identification
Are you looking for an efficient identification solution for your control cabinet building? Then find out about THERMOMARK E SERIES, our compelling modular marking system.
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Various materials for conductor and cable, terminal block as well as device and plant marking

Marking material

Our marking material is suitable for all applications, mounting situations, and resistance requirements in industrial environments. Whether inside a protected control cabinet or in extreme conditions, we provide identification solutions for all requirements and applications. With our products we comply with all international standards.

Employee creates markings with MARKING system software

Marking software

The marking software enables you to implement your custom-designed marking solutions easily and conveniently. Our marking systems can be controlled and managed centrally from software. With the help of comprehensive functions and design options, tailor-made marking solutions can be realized for any application. With powerful data import functions and interfaces to common ECAD systems and spreadsheet formats, the software ensures efficient marking processes. Seamless processes from planning through to production are ensured by the interface to clipx ENGINEER. In addition, the Wire Marking Application Center provides a representation of the digital twin of your conductor and cable identifications and guides you through the entire process to the finished marked cable.

Employee repairing a TOPMARK NEO laser marker

Customized services

Besides software and hardware for creating your markings, we offer holistic service concepts. These range from installation and training, to device-specific repairs and maintenance, to the supply of leased devices when needed. Whatever the challenge you are facing, we will provide you with professional support for all your concerns and will always be at your side with individually tailored services.

Marking runs like a thread through the entire process chain – starting with the digital marking data in the ECAD systems and ending with the assembly of the markings. We make our customers’ day-to-day work easier with application-specific system solutions comprising marking material, printers, and software for efficient identification processes.

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Solutions for greater efficiency
Wire preparation
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