Wire preparation Hardly any process step in control cabinet building requires more hands-on work than wire preparation. With software-based worker assistance systems and the appropriate automatic tooling and printing systems, you can carry out these work steps with maximum efficiency.

Worker marking a wire using the worker assistance system for wire preparation

Better process reliability through software support

Wire preparation and processing accounts for a large part of the work time of the control cabinet builder. Our clipx WIRE assist worker assistance system enables partial automation of these work steps, resulting in significantly reduced processing times. In addition, the software-augmented workstation ensures greater process reliability and enables the flexible deployment of personnel through guided, intuitive operation. The accompanying digital production documents optimize the interface for wiring, increasing efficiency across the individual process steps.

Your advantages for efficient wire preparation in control cabinet building

  • Error-free wire preparation with complete production documents from engineering systems
  • Time savings through partial automation and direct control of the devices from the worker assistance software
  • Consistently high quality through partially automated and software-supported work processes
  • Individually configurable, ergonomically optimized workstations
clipx WIRE assist worker assistance system consisting of worker assistance software, automatic tools, printing systems, and hand tools on a workbench

Scalable solution tailored to your requirements

With the clipx WIRE assist worker assistance system, we offer you a software-based “tool” for efficient wire preparation and wiring in control cabinet building. The modular system gives you the freedom to arrange your workstation as desired. Whether you equip your existing workstation with efficient automatic tooling and printing systems or rely on the ergonomic complete solution with height-adjustable work table, our scalable solutions enable you to optimize your wire preparation while taking your individual requirements into account. The basis of the system is the worker assistance software, which clearly provides the necessary information based on the exported data from the ECAD system. The software guides you through the processing step by step. Direct control of the relevant devices and systems also helps to increase efficiency.

Interactive image map: clipx WIRE assist worker assistance system for efficient wire preparation
Worker assistance software
The worker assistance software automatically controls the devices and intuitively guides the user through the process of wire preparation with subsequent wiring. The necessary information is prepared and displayed on the monitor in an easy-to-follow format.
Height-adjustable worktop
The electrically height-adjustable worktop enables ergonomic workstation design. One advantage of this is the ability to switch between sitting and standing while working. It can also be adapted to the physical height of the operator and/or to the activity to be completed.
Modular structure
By means of appropriate accessories, the required automatic tooling and printing systems can be secured directly to the worktop. The height and orientation of the devices can be tailored to the user’s personal needs. Guides are attached to the support arms and columns to hold additional accessories.
Wire supply
Depending on requirements, a wide range of different wires can be stocked and provided directly to the automatic cutting device. Wires are changed quickly and with just a few simple steps.
Mobile and flexible
Equipped with special industrial swivel casters with brakes, the clipx WIRE assist can be used wherever the work arises. This reduces unnecessary movements and saves time.
Automatic tools
The proven automatic tools, such as the CUTFOX 10 automatic cutting device, ensure the fast and precise processing of conductors and wires. Efficiency can be improved significantly in combination with automatic control provided by the worker assistance software.
Marking systems
Use THERMOMARK E SERIES devices to print and install markings on conductors and cables in a single automated step. In addition, you can combine other thermal transfer printers to create equipment identification.
Accessories such as sockets, storage shelves, waste containers, or a workshop lamp can be attached directly to the system worktop when necessary.
Lockable drawer
In addition to electric height adjustment, the worktop also features a pull-out drawer that can be locked. This means that hand tools can be stored neatly so they are always at hand.

With scalable tool concepts, we offer every control cabinet builder the solution that optimally their requirements perfectly. No matter which products they choose – they always get enhanced ergonomics, time savings, and quality.

Jannis Münkner - Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Product Management, Tools
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