Laser marking

Laser marker

The TOPMARK NEO is setting new standards in laser marking. This marking system creates markings to meet the strictest demands in no time. With over 650 different materials, the TOPMARK NEO processes a comprehensive range of materials for marking terminal blocks, conductors, cables, and devices. Operation is easy, without the need for comprehensive prior knowledge.

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Your advantages

  • Easy to operate with software on board and the direct import of marking files and even image data
  • Errors are prevented, thanks to automatic material detection and preset laser parameters
  • Short cycle times with high-speed marking, as well as material de-stacking and stacking functions
  • The right laser marking for every application with the comprehensive range of materials
  • Familiar menu navigation on an ergonomically designed display, thanks to standardized software on all Phoenix Contact printing systems

With the TOPMARK NEO, you can produce laser markings for the highest demands. The user-friendly touch display enables you to operate the laser intuitively and quickly – without the need for specialist knowledge. This allows you to process a wide range of materials for the flexible marking of your application.

TOPMARK NEO laser marking

Testing the results after laser marking with the TOPMARK NEO laser marker

Laser marking for the highest demands

With the unique material handling and integration into the PROJECT complete planning and marking software, the TOPMARK NEO is the fastest desktop laser marker in its class, with a speed of more than 250 labels per minute.

  • Based on pulsed ytterbium fiber laser technology
  • Wide range of materials consisting of aluminum, steel, plastic, and films
  • Direct laser marking means: no inks, no ink ribbon, no toner
  • Permanent marking via engraving, annealing, or carbonization
  • High quality: can print bar codes, 500 dpi resolution

Over 650 marking materials consisting of stainless steel, aluminum, ABS, polyacrylic, and polycarbonate are available for the TOPMARK NEO.

There are two options for marking stainless steel materials:

  • Laser engraving involves the removal of material.
  • Annealing marking changes the color of the material while keeping the material surface level.

Carbonization causes the material to darken. This process is used with light-colored plastics.