UPDATE customer magazine

A preview of the cover of the latest issue of UPDATE Magazine, featuring abstract blue and green flowing lines, and the word "Flow".

2024 Issue 1 – Flow

In this issue of UPDATE magazine, we go with the “Flow.” Read how Phoenix Contact technologies drive renewal, improvement, and optimization -- from a thermal spa in Switzerland to a hydroelectric plant in Idaho.

UPDATE 2023 Issue 3 cover, featuring a vintage-looking engineering drawing

2023 Issue 3 – 100 years of Phoenix Contact

In the latest issue of UPDATE, the Phoenix Contact customer magazine, we look back at our company’s first 100 years. This issue pays tribute to some of the early leaders who created the Phoenix Contact brand and highlights some people driving the company forward today. You’ll read about key company milestones and discover fun facts about our products, history, and culture.

Thumbnail image showing a hand holding a paper airplane, with the sun and sky in the background

2023 Issue 2 - Air

“Air” is the topic of this issue, bringing our shared journey through the four elements to an end. This issue features stories about a company that reclaims carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, how to maintain safety on the iconic Ferris wheel ride, and much more.

2023 Issue 1 - Fire

2023 Issue 1 - Fire

Fire and heat are the main topics of this issue of UPDATE. In this issue, you can read an interview about climate change, get a look at Phoenix Contact's lightning protection lab, and much more.

UPDATE Magazine

2022 Issue 2 - Earth

This issue of UPDATE, the customer magazine from Phoenix Contact, focuses on earth, as a foundation for building, nourishment, and more.

2022 Issue 1

2022 Issue 1 - Water

Water has many uses that we often take for granted – whether it be daily nourishment, or as a calming river or exciting rush in the wild, or in industry for its cooling and cleaning attributes. Both indoors and outdoors, water is critical for our planet.