Electronic circuit breaker system

A product image of a grey CAPAROC power module with neon green, orange, and blue components, featuring labels that read "CAPAROC" and "EtherNet/IP", among other technical labels.

CAPAROC power module can now communicate via EtherNet/IP™

Middletown, Pa. – The newest addition to the CAPAROC circuit breaker system from Phoenix Contact can communicate with PLCs via EtherNet/IP™, one of the most common industrial protocols in the U.S. The CAPAROC system collects power data and signals so that users can respond to an issue before a failure occurs.

The EtherNet/IP power module ensures consistent communication and control of the circuit breaker modules that protect the end devices. It can communicate numerous data points, such as status per channel, current settings per channel, early warning current load, current and output per channel, short-circuit and overload detection, and under- and overvoltage detection.

The CAPAROC system also has remote access to lock local programming changes, lock all or individual channels, or lock the entire user interface, so changes cannot be made to the system. The circuit breakers can differentiate between overload and short circuit, providing intelligent tripping.

In addition to EtherNet/IP, the CAPAROC system also supports communication over PROFINET and IO-Link and includes simple status output and reset input.

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Molly McGowan
Molly McGowan | Senior Media Services Representative