PV string monitoring for monitoring your PV system

PV string monitoring

In PV system monitoring, PV string measurement plays a central role in increasing efficiency. Detect malfunctions and take countermeasures: the SOLARCHECK PV string monitoring system reliably provides you with information on the performance of your photovoltaic system. The system enables you to respond immediately to power losses in individual strings, which may be caused by damaged panels or defective contacts and cabling, for example.

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Your advantages

  • Low costs and wiring outlay, because an additional power supply unit is not needed in the device connection box
  • Design flexibility with 4 and 8-channel versions for string boxes
  • Space-saving installation with the compact design
  • Easy integration into monitoring systems via Modbus/RTU communication
  • Remote indication contact monitoring with an additional digital input

Product overview – SOLARCHECK PV string monitoring system

SOLARCHECK PV string monitoring system
SOLARCHECK voltage measuring module
SOLARCHECK photovoltaic string monitoring
SOLARCHECK voltage measuring module
SOLARCHECK PV string monitoring system

The modular SOLARCHECK system for PV string monitoring includes a range of devices for current and voltage measuring and a corresponding communication module.

SOLARCHECK voltage measuring module

The communication module collects the values from the measuring modules and transmits them to the central control system. It is also used to supply the measuring modules in the field. The communication module is simply integrated into an existing network as a Modbus/RTU device.

  • For connecting and collecting measured values from up to eight measuring modules
  • Provision of data for transfer to higher-level controllers
  • Supply of the connected measuring modules

SOLARCHECK photovoltaic string monitoring

In a current measuring module just 22.5 mm wide, the parameters of your PV systems are determined on a contact-free basis with the aid of Hall sensors and forwarded to the communication module. 4- and 8-channel versions are available.

  • 8-/4-channel current measuring up to 20 A DC
  • Detection of reverse currents of up to -1 A
  • Digital input, e.g., for monitoring remote indication contacts in surge protection modules
  • Supply via the communication module

SOLARCHECK voltage measuring module

You can measure DC voltages of up to 1,500 V DC with the voltage measuring module. The module is suitable for measuring in both grounded and isolated PV systems. You can also flexibly use the voltage measurement outside the monitoring system as a simple analog device.

  • Voltage measurement up to 1,500 V DC in any grounded PV system
  • Connection and supply via the analog input of the 8-channel SOLARCHECK current measuring module intended for this
  • Voltage measured value is output as an analog signal
  • As an option, can also be removed from the SOLARCHECK group and used separately

1,500 V DC string combiner box for 20 strings, with string monitoring

SOLARCHECK – PV string monitoring made easy

Feed the power cables quickly and easily through the openings in the measuring module. The two-wire communication cable is also used to supply the measuring modules with power. This means that you can supply up to 16 measuring modules with one communication module – without an additional power supply. With a width of just 22.5 mm, the measuring module bundles the cables in a small space. This saves space in your control cabinet. You can combine 4- and 8-channel current measuring modules to tailor the system perfectly to your application.

Application example: monitoring photovoltaic strings

The measuring system enables you to measure up to 64 DC currents and eight DC voltages at the same time. The complete system enables you to operate 16 measuring modules on one communication module. The two-wire communication cable is also used to supply the measuring modules with power. That means only one central power supply is required for the communication module for this system.

Automation and visualization
Use the continuous process data acquisition as well as the data management. In doing so, you enhance the efficiency and yield of your photovoltaic system. Automation and visualization tools from Phoenix Contact enable you to network free-standing systems throughout the world. This enables you to acquire and evaluate data at all times. The open register structure of the SOLARCHECK system enables quick and easy integration into your own software environment.

Graphical representation of a system topology for monitoring PV strings

The communication module collects the measured values from the current measuring modules and forwards them to a higher-level controller via RS-485 (Modbus).

  • Acquire up to eight or four string currents with one current measuring module each.
  • You can connect a maximum of eight current measuring modules of any type to one communication module.
  • The 2-conductor communication cable is also used to supply the measuring modules with power. This means that no additional power supply is required in the field.
  • The voltage measuring module is connected to and also supplied via the analog input provided on the 8-channel current measuring modules.
  • All measured values can be read from the communication module via open registers.
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