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Secure Edge Box

Smart edge computing powered by PLCnext Technology

With the PLCnext Technology open ecosystem and the EPC 1502 and EPC 1522 edge devices from Phoenix Contact, users benefit from full flexibility when it comes to local data evaluation in greenfield and brownfield plants.
Power supply – QUINT POWER >100 W

Power supply with maximum functionality: Protection in extreme environments

The new Quint Power Plus version from Phoenix Contact is the solution for complex applications even under extreme ambient conditions.
Thermal representation of an electrical device

Optimal electronics design through thermal simulation for device developers

Online thermal simulation from Phoenix Contact offers new possibilities for the suitable design of industrial electronics as early as the development phase.
Official presentation of the examination certificate at VDE e. V. in Offenbach, Germany

Officially certified by the VDE: CHARX control modular AC charging controllers for charging that is compliant with calibration laws

In mid-June, the VDE Testing and Certification Institute invited us to Offenbach, Germany – for the official presentation of the examination certificate for billing compliant with calibration laws, specifically German measurement and calibration law, for the CHARX control modular AC charging controller from Phoenix Contact.
Highly compact signal conditioner with Ex i and SIL 3 held between thumb and forefinger with the GIT Award 2024 finalist logo

Vote now: Mini Analog Pro highly compact Ex i signal conditioners with SIL 3 are a finalist for the GIT Security Award

The Ex i signal conditioners and measuring transducers of the proven 6.2 mm Mini Analog Pro product family have been nominated in category B: “Occupational Safety and Health & Explosion Protection” for the final round of voting for the GIT Security Award.
History timeline: Surge protection at Phoenix Contact from 1983 to 2023

40 years of surge protection

Phoenix Contact is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lightning current arresters and surge protection devices – and has been for 40 years.
FINEPITCH series board-to-board connectors

Board-to-board connectors up to 28 Gbps

Phoenix Contact now enables data rates of up to 28 Gbps with the new FINEPITCH FR series board-to-board connectors with a pitch of 1.27 mm.
Red LPS service connector in an XT 2,5 Push-X terminal block

Connectors with lever Push-in technology

New from Phoenix Contact: Service and load-contact connectors with lever Push-in technology.
Versions of the SPC 4 series PCB connector

New PCB connectors open up design freedom

The new SPC 4 PCB connector series from Phoenix Contact saves space and production costs with its customer-oriented design.
Highly compact Mini Analog Pro Ex i signal conditioners on a DIN rail with the Ex i, SIL 3, and German Innovation Award Gold Winner logos

Highly compact Mini Analog Pro Ex i signal conditioners with SIL 3 win the Gold German Innovation Award 2023

The German Design Council gave the German Innovation Award to the new Ex i versions in Phoenix Contact’s slim 6.2 mm Mini Analog Pro signal conditioner family with SIL 3.
Configurable SPT modular series PCB terminal blocks

Awards: SPT modular PCB terminal block wins twice

The SPT modular PCB terminal block from Phoenix Contact made a lasting impression on the juries at two separate awards ceremonies. At the end of March, the product innovation was the Gold Stevie Winner at the German Stevie Awards 2023 in the category “Business Technology Solution – Manufacturing Solutions”.
CHARX connect modular AC charging sockets

Modular infrastructure charging sockets – multi-award-winning modular principle

The CHARX connect modular type 2 charging sockets from Phoenix Contact, which have won two design awards, are based on a modular system that enables all components to be freely combined – tailored to the individual requirements of the customer’s application.
New Axioline P analog module for connecting four-wire measuring transducers

Passive analog inputs for four-wire measuring transducers

The new AI8 P analog input modules from Phoenix Contact each offer eight passive channels for connecting a two-wire connection to transmit the process variable.
PSRmodular configurable safety modules

Configurable safety modules for extreme ambient conditions

With the PSRmodular XC (eXtended Conditions) configurable safety modules from Phoenix Contact, functional safety requirements can be reliably implemented even under extreme ambient conditions.
TRIO POWER power supplies

Power supplies with integrated circuit breaker

The Trio Power 24 V power supply from Phoenix Contact sets a new standard in machine building. The plug-and-play solution for the control cabinet is optionally available with an integrated electronic circuit breaker.
Versions of the SPC 4 series PCB connector

Compact PC 4 series headers for automated reflow soldering

To enable a high level of automation in production, Phoenix Contact offers a compact header in the form of the PC 4 series.
LP Combi connectors, 1- to 15-pos. and for self-assembly

Plug-in terminal blocks with system

The Combi plug-in terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact have a standardized plug-in zone.
Axioline E

New I/Os for field installation

Phoenix Contact is extending its portfolio of I/O systems for control-cabinet-free automation with the new generation of Axioline E communication modules. The devices satisfy both the current and future requirements for field installation.
Modular DC fast charging station with 19" charging technology from Phoenix Contact

Modular and economical setup of DC charging infrastructure with 19" racks

With the modular CHARX system for 19" rack mounting, Phoenix Contact offers a solution for the quick and economical setup of full-coverage fast charging infrastructure.
Frank Stührenberg speaking

Phoenix Contact plans most extensive investment program in company history

At a press conference, CEO Frank Stührenberg talked about the highest growth in the company’s 100-year history and announced the extent of the new investment program.
Product overview of the SPE Hybrid M12 connector

M12 hybrid connector for Single Pair Ethernet

With the high-performance M12 hybrid connector in the Onepair series for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), Phoenix Contact lays the foundation for demanding IIoT applications and the next level of industrial automation.
M12 push-pull connectors for reliable signal and data transmission

Reliably shielded M12 cabling with push-pull fast-locking

The M12 connectors with push-pull fast-locking from Phoenix Contact can be connected easily and tool-free. The installation is reliably protected by Advanced Shielding Technology.
Connection of standard and functionally safe sensors to the control level with IO-Link Safety.

IO-Link Safety: the new standard

The IO-Link Safety technology enables safe and consistent data transmission from the control level right through to the connection of safety-related sensors and actuators in the field.
Five PTCB eFuses bridged together for quick and easy installation

The electronic micro fuse for DIN rails

With the PTCB eFuse circuit breakers from Phoenix Contact, nominal currents below 1 A are now also electronically protected. Features such as status message and local and remote reset options provide benefits that were previously only available when protecting larger nominal currents.
PT 2,5-4L four-level terminal blocks with accessories

Multi-level terminal blocks with Push-in connection for space-saving wiring on multiple levels

With the new PT 2,5-4L… four-level terminal blocks, Phoenix Contact offers a particularly compact terminal block family.
Two Gigabit Ethernet extenders with 2-wire cable and coaxial cable

Modernization of networks with Gigabit Ethernet extenders

The new Gigabit Ethernet extenders from Phoenix Contact enable high-speed Ethernet over any 2-wire cables or coaxial cables. Ranges of up to one kilometer can be achieved with the devices.
VL3 UPCs – compact box PCs

Compact industrial computer with freely selectable equipment

The new VL3 UPC ultra-compact industrial computer from Phoenix Contact features a 6th generation Intel Atom processor (formerly Elkhart Lake) in dual-core or quad-core versions, the latest DDR4 RAM, and integrated preinstalled nonvolatile memory express solid-state memory modules.
XT portfolio with frontal Push-X connection

Automated wiring for all types of conductors

In addition to the XTV terminal blocks with lateral conductor routing, the first terminal blocks with frontal Push-X connection are now available from Phoenix Contact. The XT portfolio consists of feed-through and multi-conductor terminal blocks as well as function versions for using disconnect knives, plug-in fuses, and components.
Industrial 5G router – TC ROUTER 5004T-5G EU

High-performance 5G cellular router for industrial applications

The new 5G cellular router from Phoenix Contact, now in series production, provides high data rates in public and private 5G cellular networks. Equipped with a powerful processor and four Gigabit Ethernet ports, the TC router offers a high bandwidth for industrial applications.
XPC 1,5 PCB connectors with 3.5 mm pitch

PCB connectors with innovative Push-X technology

The XPC 1,5 PCB connector from Phoenix Contact features direct plug-in connection with Push-X and thus enables fast and tool-free connection of various conductor types and cross-sections.
Uncooled CHARX connect professional HPC charging cables

Uncooled CCS charging cables – High Power Charging with a permanent 375 kW

The new HPC charging cables of the CHARX connect professional family from Phoenix Contact enable safe High Power Charging with a permanent 375 kW and do not require any cooling.
Highly compact Ex i signal conditioner and measuring transducer on the DIN rail with Ex i and SIL 3 logo

Highly compact Ex i signal conditioners with SIL 3 functional safety

The new intrinsically safe versions of the MINI Analog Pro signal conditioners and measuring transducers from Phoenix Contact provide explosion protection and functional safety in a compact design. The products cover all tasks of interference-free signal transmission, save space, and ensure the safety of employees, the environment, and the system at the same time.
Employee working with clipx ENGINEER engineering software

Increasing efficiency in control cabinet building with the clipx ENGINEER engineering software

The clipx ENGINEER engineering software from Phoenix Contact is the software for control cabinet building that optimizes data consistency from the circuit diagram to the control cabinet. Bidirectional interfaces to CAE systems and automatic creation of terminal strips via intelligent engineering assistants simplify the planning process.
Man with tablet

Manufacturer-independent device management

In the industrial environment, Device and Update Management (DaUM) solutions often use a specific process called a vendor to distribute files to proprietary devices and install them based on the manufacturer.
THERMOMARK E SERIES on the clipx WIRE assist worker assistance system

Efficient control cabinet building through automated wire and cable identification

There is considerable potential for increasing efficiency in wire preparation and processing. Up to 30 percent of the working time in control cabinet building is spent on marking processes alone.
First managed switches for SPE

First managed switches for Single Pair Ethernet

With the new Single Pair Ethernet switches from Phoenix Contact, modern sensors and field devices can be integrated directly into the Ethernet network.
Housing kit to accommodate an electronic circuit board with all the components for assembly

Housing kits for the comprehensive protection and electrical connection of different PCBs

Electronics housings provide safety and protection for the electronics. Housing kits from Phoenix Contact make it easier to select the entire housing for rapid prototyping.
Axioline Smart Elements

New Axioline Smart Elements for potential routing

The portfolio of Axioline Smart Elements digital output modules from Phoenix Contact has been extended to include three Smart Elements for potential routing directly at the I/O station.
Complete line system solution from Phoenix Contact

Comprehensive control cabinet solutions for all industries

The control cabinet solutions in the Complete line series from Phoenix Contact provide time and cost savings for the assembly, commissioning, and maintenance of control cabinets.
Type 2 surge protection: VAL-MB DC

Reliably protect DC applications against surge voltages

The goal of the All Electric Society is a world in which sufficient energy is available from renewable resources. Electrification is the first step towards achieving this. The new VAL-MB-T2-750DC and VAL-MB-T2-1000DC type 2 surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact provide support here.
Aerial view of Phoenix Contact location in Schieder-Schwalenberg

Phoenix Contact E-Mobility GmbH celebrates its ten-year-anniversary

2023 is a special year for Phoenix Contact – the company can look back on 100 years of passion for technology and innovation this year. Part of this success story is also the establishment of the E-Mobility subsidiary in 2013.
Programmer working with PLCnext controller

"The Beehyve", PLCnext Technology‘s community project, launches Slack as collaboration platform

“The Beehyve” is a community project based on Phoenix Contact‘s PLCnext Technology. Effective immediately, the project is live on the Slack collaboration platform.
Online configurator for Fame plug-in test system in 3D

3D online configurator for modular plug-in test systems

The Fame plug-in test systems are the modular system kit for energy technology from Phoenix Contact. With the Fame configurator, individual solutions for the function testing of current and voltage transformers, as well as tripping and signal contacts, can now be created in just a few clicks.
FLASHTRAB-MB with a discharge capacity of 25 kA

Lightning and surge protective devices with innovative carbon spark gap technology

The new FLASHTRAB-MB lightning and surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact are based on innovative triggered carbon spark gap technology. In addition to circuit versions for 12.5 kA, the portfolio now also includes versions for a discharge capacity of 25 kA.
Customized CAPAROC circuit breaker system for explosion-protected areas

Overcurrent protection for explosion-protected areas

The customizable Caparoc circuit breaker system from Phoenix Contact now also offers modules for explosion-protected areas, thereby extending the range of possible applications.
OCS outdoor housings for autonomous systems

Large-volume outdoor housings for the reliable operation of autonomous device systems

The OCS series outdoor housings from Phoenix Contact provide excellent protection for autonomous device systems.
Charx connect eco compact AC charging cables

Compact AC charging cables – reduced to the essentials

The new CHARX connect eco charging cable family from Phoenix Contact focuses on the safe charging of electric vehicles. Additional features have therefore been deliberately omitted.
TRIO IP67 connections

TRIO POWER power supplies with IP67

Phoenix Contact’s robust TRIO POWER power supplies with IP67 degree of protection are ideally suited for distributed supply in the field.
“The Beehyve” project flyer

New project in the PLCnext Technology community: The Beehyve – with swarm intelligence towards the future of sustainable automation

“The Beehyve” is a Phoenix Contact PLCnext Technology community project. With the help of our bee friends and technical specialists from the fields of OT, AI, IT, Cloud, and Data, a community project is set to get underway and anyone can participate.
CONNEXIS PCB connectors for cable assemblies

Connectors for automated production

The new CONNEXIS crimp-based wire-to-board connector series for cable assemblies from Phoenix Contact optimizes automated production, ensuring speed and precision in PCB connection.
PLCnext Technology icons

PLCnext Technology ranked “Best in Class” by PAC Innovation Radar

International market analysis and consulting firm PAC Innovation Radar has ranked Phoenix Contact’s open PLCnext Technology ecosystem as “Best in Class” with an overall score of 1.91 in the category “Open Digital Platforms for Machine-edge-centric Industrial IoT in Europe 2022”.
FL MGUARD 2102 and FL MGUARD 4302 Gigabit security routers

Security routers make OT networks secure

The new FL MGUARD 2102 and FL MGUARD 4302 Gigabit security routers from Phoenix Contact combine mGuard security software with powerful hardware.
FO distributor box

FO distributor boxes with plug-and-play

The new FO distributor boxes from Phoenix Contact in the compact FDX 20 design for the DIN rail extend the portfolio of distributor boxes and the plug-and-play cabling system.
24 V supply system

Communicative 24 V supply system

The new, communicative 24 V supply system from Phoenix Contact provides greater data transparency and high system availability.
Managed TSN switches for real-time-capable networks

Managed TSN switches for real-time-capable networks

With the new firmware 3.20, new Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) functions are available for the managed TSN switches from Phoenix Contact.
Assembled coaxial cable

New products for coaxial cabling

Phoenix Contact is extending its portfolio for coaxial cabling with 90° PCB connectors and assembled cables in lengths from 0.5 m to 30 m.
mGuard Secure Cloud

Solution for encrypted VPN connections to China

The new version of the Phoenix Contact mGuard Secure Cloud now supports high-availability VPN connections to China and new router generations for the secure connection of machines and systems.
UCS housing with half shell and connection technology

New half shells for UCS universal housings

The new UCS HH 87-87 half shells are available for the UCS housing system from Phoenix Contact.
Lengthways or crosswise on the DIN rail

Space-saving wiring of multiple potentials

The new FIX distribution blocks from Phoenix Contact are the first to carry more than just one potential.
Blue, detectable cable identification in cookie production

Identification solutions for the food and beverage industry

The detectable and highly resistant identification solutions from Phoenix Contact ensure a high level of safety in the food and beverage industry.
M12 connectors for Single Pair Ethernet

M12 connectors for Single Pair Ethernet

The new M12-size SPE connectors from Phoenix Contact provide identical mechanical installation conditions and easy integration into conventional sensors.
New Sunclix series connectors

New connectors for cabling photovoltaic panels

The Sunclix connectors with crimp connection for automated assembly processes from Phoenix Contact enable the easy and reliable cabling of photovoltaic panels.
STEP POWER power supply for LED applications

Reliable supply of LED applications

With the Step Power power supply from Phoenix Contact, which was specifically developed for LED applications, modern lighting scenarios are supplied directly from the control cabinet.
Connectors protected against polarity reversal for energy storage systems

New battery-pole connectors for home storage systems

Phoenix Contact is introducing new connectors for home storage applications to the market.
Wind farm at sunset

Comprehensive monitoring of all critical points of a wind turbine generator

Phoenix Contact continues to expand its collaboration with Wölfel Winds Systems.
Pre-certified package consisting of a built-in display, signing energy meter, and controller software

Billing charging processes in accordance with measurement and calibration law

With the CHARX control modular AC charging controllers from Phoenix Contact, charging processes can now also be billed in compliance with calibration law.
SH-PCB shield clamp

Shield connections for the PCB

Phoenix Contact is extending its portfolio of PCB connection technology for data transmission with the new solderable SH-PCB 6 shield clamp.
Type 1+2+3 surge protection

Surge protection for universal use

The FLASHTRAB-MB surge protective device from Phoenix Contact is based on innovative carbon spark gap technology and meets high lightning protection requirements.
Surge protection for MCR applications mounted on the DIN rail

Narrow protection for 4-conductor measurements

Two product versions have been added to Phoenix Contact’s portfolio of narrow surge protective devices for MCR technology with an overall width of just 6 mm.
Modular ICS housing with different fillers and connection technology

New fillers for modular ICS housings

For the modular electronics housings in the ICS series from Phoenix Contact, fillers in depths of 67.5, 90, and 112.5 mm are now also available.
Passive heatsinks and heatsink fillers for modular ICS housings

Heatsinks and heatsink fillers for electronics housings

Phoenix Contact provides various heatsink solutions for ICS series electronics housings.
Sensor-free PSR-MM35 over-speed safety relay

Sensor-free motion monitoring

The new TÜV-certified PSR-MM35 over-speed safety relay from Phoenix Contact monitors speeds particularly economically and without additional sensors.
Narrow EMC filter with integrated surge protection on a DIN rail

EMC filters for applications in metrology

The new EMC filter with integrated TTC-6-SFP-24AC-PT surge protection circuit supplements the portfolio of the TERMITRAB complete product family from Phoenix Contact.
Mounting option of the distribution blocks on DIN rails

Monoblocks with two connection points

The new PTVFIX blocks from Phoenix Contact have a lateral conductor connection.
QUINT ORING redundancy module with ACB technology

End-to-end redundancy with active redundancy modules with ACB Technology

The new QUINT ORING redundancy modules with ACB Technology now feature application-specific surge protection and two outputs for high system availability.
Control system for feed-in control in decentralized power generation plants

International feed-in controller certification

The Power Control Unit (PCU) from Phoenix Contact for feed-in control in decentralized power generation plants has been certified for the country of Poland since June 2022. It now complies with the Network Code on the Requirements for Generators (NC RfG) and enables simplified commissioning and connection to the power grid.
Multifunctional wall bracket for UCS housings

Multifunctional wall bracket for universal housings

The multifunctional UCS WM-MP wall bracket from Phoenix Contact makes the UCS field housing system compatible with even more applications.
PRC conductor connectors and protective caps

Safe cabling work with new conductor connectors and protective caps

With PRC conductor connectors and protective caps, cabling work for superstructures and structural alterations can be performed reliably.
Green trees from above with symbol image of a sustainable industry

Phoenix Contact launches a more sustainable product portfolio

Based on a technology project conducted over several years, in which Phoenix Contact defined lead-free* alternative materials and put them to the test, the Group is now working quickly to convert its connector portfolio.
Filter on a DIN rail

Filters for universal use

The new filter portfolio from Phoenix Contact consists of single-phase mains filters with and without an integrated overvoltage protection circuit.
THERMOMARK E SERIES – the printer with four different applicators

Modular system for automated industrial identification

With the new THERMOMARK E SERIES product family, Phoenix Contact is providing a new solution for simple and efficient industrial identification. For the first time, the system automatically combines the printing and application of markings in one process step, thus achieving time savings of 60 percent compared with carrying out the work steps manually.
PCB connectors and patch cables for USB and HDMI

PCB connectors and patch cables for USB and HDMI

To meet the increased demand for more device interfaces, Phoenix Contact is continuously extending its portfolio of data connectors for reliable communication. New additions to the portfolio include PCB connectors and patch cables of USB type A and type C as well as HDMI type A.
IP20 and M8 connectors for Single Pair Ethernet

New connectors for Single Pair Ethernet

Phoenix Contact is extending its portfolio of ONEPAIR series data connectors for Single Pair Ethernet.
Sebastian Stamm and Arndt Schafmeister

Individual service for signal integrity

The demands on connection technology performance are constantly increasing. By providing customized support, Phoenix Contact helps customers select connection components to ensure the highest possible signal integrity. This is based on experience in the development of standardized data connectors for various device interfaces.
Push-X terminal blocks for connecting different types of conductors

High operating convenience with new connection technology

The new XTV terminal block family is the first product family with the new Push-X connection technology from Phoenix Contact. Compared to the existing Push-in connection technology, Push-X serves all conductor types in direct wiring without exception.
Preview of the functional engineering function of the clipx ENGINEER engineering software for control cabinet building on a tablet

Engineering software​ for control cabinet building

The clipx ENGINEER software provides increased efficiency. Time and effort in the design process can be reduced through the use of prefabricated projects.
Industrial PC

Utilize field data easily with Industrial Ethernet

Artificial intelligence is being used ever more frequently in industrial applications. With the third generation of the Valueline product family, Phoenix Contact is providing industrial PCs that meet these demands.
HEAVYCON CLICK-IN fixed-position contact inserts

Push-in contact inserts with Click-in latching

The Heavycon heavy-duty connectors from Phoenix Contact are used for cabling from the control cabinet through to the field level. Now the product range is being extended to include new fixed-position Push-in contact inserts with Click-in latching.
VARIOFACE Front Connect

High flexibility and a narrow design

The new generation of highly compact VARIOFACE Front Connect termination boards from Phoenix Contact supplements the cabling area between the remote I/O system and the field level.
PLCnext Control Edge PC

New functions through update for Edge PC

To transfer information from the local network to a cloud solution, Phoenix Contact completes the IIoT solution with firmware update 2022.0 for the EPC 1502 and EPC 1522 Edge PCs.
Compact Inline bus coupler

New bus coupler for Ethernet

With the new IL ETH BK-PAC Inline bus coupler for Modbus/TCP (UDP), Phoenix Contact is expanding its product portfolio for setting up remote I/O solutions in the control cabinet.
BPC 9102S high-performance safety controller

Powerful controller for high safety requirements

The BPC 9102S Remote Field Controller from Phoenix Contact is the most powerful controller in the product range based on PLCnext Technology. It was developed especially for applications with the highest safety requirements and extreme conditions.
MPT miniature terminal block

Small terminal blocks for maximum benefits

The terminal blocks in miniature format from Phoenix Contact can be conveniently wired and mounted in various ways in even the narrowest of spaces. Depending on the application, the miniature terminal blocks are available with Push-in or screw connection technology.
DC charging cables: CCS C-Line in accordance with Type 1 and Type 2 standards

Compact DC charging cable awarded Good Design Award 2021

Following the multiple award-winning AC charging cables, Phoenix Contact’s product family for DC charging cables for the lower power range, the CCS C-Line, has now also received the Good Design Award 2021 for practical and stylish design from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum.
FDX 20 series splice/distributor boxes

Supplements for splice boxes with patented pigtail tray

Phoenix Contact is supplementing the compact splice/distributor boxes in the FDX 20 series for DIN rail mounting with additional types of fibers and couplings.
Man and woman talking with tablet in hand

Energy Solution Partner Program

Phoenix Contact has established globally selected Energy Solution Partners who have extensive expertise in the company’s products and systems. This enables solar power solutions to be adapted to individual customer requirements worldwide.
CAPAROC power module with IO-Link interface

Circuit breaker system with IO-Link

This year, the CAPAROC individual modular system from Phoenix Contact is being extended by a new power module with IO-Link interface. This makes CAPAROC even more flexible in use and easier to adapt to the conditions of the machines to be protected.
Gigabit Ethernet extenders with alternative 2-wire cables

Highspeed Ethernet up to 1 km with Gigabit Ethernet extenders

The Gigabit Ethernet extenders from Phoenix Contact enable broadband applications up to 1 Gbps over any 2-wire cables and coaxial cables.
HEAVYCON standard housings in various colors

Heavy-duty connectors in various colors

The HEAVYCON standard housings from Phoenix Contact are now also available with a resistant, colored powder coating. This allows more individuality and flexibility in the realization of machines and systems in customer-specific designs.
Compact PRC 20 series installation connectors

Compact installation connectors for up to 20 A

The new, particularly compact PRC 20 installation system from Phoenix Contact transmits currents of up to 20 A.