System cabling for controllers

System cabling for controllers

Our system cabling for controllers provides you with compact solutions for the simple planning, assembly, and commissioning of your automation system. Pluggable system cables and termination boards ensure your quick, safe, and error-free wiring. Retrofit components help you to update older control systems. This means you save a great deal of time and reduce costs.

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Your advantages

  • Fast, error-free 1:1 connection with pre-assembled system cables
  • Versatile, thanks to components designed for universal use
  • Flexible connections: Push-in, spring-cage, and screw connection technology
  • Easy to install, thanks to pluggable components
System cabling components

System cabling for controllers: component overview

System cabling for controllers The product range

The requirements of your application determine which components from the product range can be used.

Controller-specific system cabling involves a modern wiring concept in which front adapters, system cables, and modules are specially matched to each other.

In contrast, universal modules are controller-independent and are particularly suitable for situations in which automation components with high-position connectors are located in the control cabinet. The 1:1 connection is characteristic of these modules. The modules allow orderly connection of field signals to Push-in, spring-cage, or screw connection technology.

To distribute the control or operating voltage, you can use potential distributors which are available in various designs. The different potential levels and the connection terminal blocks make flexible use possible.

The universal cables connect the control and signal level quickly and without errors.
Individual application requirements can be implemented with customer-specific products.