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Solutions for modern data centers High-availability infrastructure systematically

Data centers are the motor of the digital transformation. They ensure the flow of information and store huge amounts of data for the constant availability of information, the demand for which is constantly increasing. In the age of cloud-based services and 5G networks, the volume of data within a company is growing at a staggering rate. This results in more complex requirements for security and availability when planning data centers. The IT infrastructure, and thus also the operation of a modern data center, is becoming increasingly more complex as a result. We help you to power, protect, connect, and monitor with solutions for the continuous operation and rapid development of data centers.

5G, the new generation of cellular communication, will give rise to entirely new applications in the fields of IoT and digitalization. [...] This demands a lot from our communication networks, but above all, it requires a high level of reliability.

Oliver Tananow - Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG, Senior Specialist Electrical Engineering Core Site
Oliver Tananow - Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG
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Data center requirements Aspects of data center planning

The construction of a new data center imposes specific conditions on the site, IT, and the building itself. When planning an operationally secure data center, companies must consider national standards in addition to IT security, IT systems, and technical building utilities. DIN EN 50600 (Data center facilities and infrastructures) and ANSI/TIA-942 (Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers) are important standards in planning. They define the requirements for, among others, the power supply and cooling, including their resilience against failures, energy management, and sustainability. Phoenix Contact supports you in planning a data center that meets both the regulations and your individual requirements.

Person at the control cabinet with technical hardware for supply and protection
Energy measuring device on the control cabinet in the building
Person working on a task as part of a building control project
Front view of a control cabinet with all connection technologies
Person at the control cabinet with technical hardware for supply and protection

Integrated, coordinated supply concepts consisting of the power supply in UPS systems, device protection, and surge protection help to avoid unplanned system failures and downtimes. Lightning and power surges are both unforeseen risk factors. They can result in fires, downtime of important systems, and even data loss.

Considering lightning and surge protection in the early planning phase makes implementation easier. Retrofitting is difficult, very time consuming, and expensive. An integrated, suitable protection zone concept that includes protective measures in accordance with IEC (EN, DIN/VDE) 62305-X helps with planning.

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Energy measuring device on the control cabinet in the building

In data centers, energy monitoring is an important component for several reasons. When it comes to meeting climate targets and increasing energy efficiency, it is necessary to record and document energy consumption. This information is used to derive appropriate improvement measures. The requirement to include a monitoring system in technical data center planning is therefore essential.

Co-location data center operators require precise energy data measurement for accurately billing consumption. Take advantage of an integrated software and hardware solution from Phoenix Contact. You benefit from cloud-based data collection through a combination of energy measuring devices, communication equipment, and controllers. In addition, we enable targeted visualization with intuitive, flexible functions via the EMMA energy management service on Proficloud.io.

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Person working on a task as part of a building control project

Digitalization, building IoT, and IT security are the foundation for innovative, sustainable solutions for secure data centers. A future-oriented data center infrastructure is based on resilience, efficiency, scalability, and sustainability. With our open and scalable Emalytics building IoT framework, we provide across-the-board support to the trades for implementing these requirements. Benefit from standardized, tested software libraries and templates to accelerate your configuration and commissioning. In combination with our BIoT controller, customized solutions are created, tailored to your individual requirements.

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Front view of a control cabinet with all connection technologies

Effectiveness and speed play a major role in the construction and commissioning of data centers. Nevertheless, quality and reliability must not suffer. Reliable connectivity technology makes the difference between operational efficiency and failure, and safety and danger in an emergency. Whether for connections in the control cabinet, on the printed circuit board, to the end device, or for energy storage, we offer the right technologies and products for every application. In data center construction, our preassembled connection and cabling systems ensure optimal data transport and time savings for power distribution.

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Video: Empowering the All Electric Society
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Green data center for a sustainable world Moving towards an All Electric Society (AES)

Phoenix Contact follows the strategic direction of the All Electric Society (AES). It describes a world in which affordable electrical energy generated from renewable sources is the main form of energy available to everyone on a virtually unlimited basis. In this context, we are continuously working on solutions for sector coupling to optimize the flow of energy from generation, conversion, and storage to efficient consumption.
Our portfolio also opens up new possibilities, such as the use of direct current for micro grids. Data centers are an essential part of the digital transformation, which is very energy intensive. This results in different requirements for energy efficiency, which makes data centers an important driver of sustainable change in information technology. We are moving forward from this starting point together to make data available in a climate-neutral way.

Infinity sign as a symbol of power resilience in data center construction

Operationally safe data center Avoid unplanned system failures and downtimes

Data center failure entails risks and dangers, such as collapsed telecommunications networks or malfunctions in payment transactions. Data centers are irreplaceable in a networked world. Collecting and providing data are essential activities in more and more areas of everyday life. We offer supply solutions from surge protection and power supply to uninterruptible power supply and circuit breaker protection. With us as your partner, you get everything from a single source: from selection and installation to support. With Phoenix Contact‘s many years of experience with resilient power supplies, you can achieve maximum system availability.

Server room of a data center

Integral planning The foundation for a future-proof data center

Successfully implementing the requirements for resilience, efficiency, scalability, and sustainability requires planning with a focus on integration. This must begin at the outset, before data centers start operating. Efficiency and high availability are only achieved with the integrated, intelligent networking of all systems, plants, and components. To achieve this, a clear focus must be placed on the smooth interaction of all trades even before the data center planning begins. The result: a sustainable, efficient data center with high availability.

Engineers in a factory with machines and robots with direct current visuals

Potential of DC power grids Sustainability in data centers with technologies of the future

Climate targets and sustainable production are topics that concern us in industry. As a manufacturer, we are actively working on DC power grid planning, as our mission is to protect the climate. We see that DC power grids have big advantage: energy loads in the supply network are supplied with electricity from renewable energy sources without conversion losses. The integration of energy storage also reduces peak loads, thereby relieving the public supply network. This is why we are looking at DC technology and consider it a milestone for data centers. Find out more about the design of DC micro grids.

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Telefónica trusts our experience Implementation in telecommunication systems and data centers

Telefónica Deutschland GmbH, one of the largest telecommunications providers in Germany, is digitalizing its sites to further increase availability for the forthcoming 5G cellular standard. During development, preventive maintenance with ImpulseCheck was also planned for particularly sensitive areas of the IT infrastructure and implemented according to the company‘s needs. Telefónica relies on forward-thinking concepts to protect technical infrastructure from failures caused by lightning and surge voltages.

Our product portfolio for data centers

With us, you get everything from a single source for an economical and sustainable data center. From supply to connection, we provide you with reliable products and expert service. Here is an overview of the products that our long-standing customers count on and use in their own data centers around the world.