Universal CCS charging inlets – charging now possible with a permanent 375 kW

Type 1 and type 2 CCS vehicle charging inlets for permanent charging with 375 kW

The CHARX connect universal CCS vehicle charging inlets from Phoenix Contact now also enable High Power Charging with a permanent 375 kW.

The new performance class of type 1 and type 2 charging inlets permits permanent and uncooled HPC charging, which significantly reduces charging times for electric vehicles and mobile machinery. Conductor cross-sections of up to 120 mm², optimized connection technology between the DC contacts and the high-voltage cables, and high-precision temperature measurement enable permanent and safe charging with 375 kW. Depending on conditions such as the ambient temperature, the routing of the cables in the vehicle, or the application-specific charging profile, it is even possible to achieve significantly higher charging powers of more than 500 kW (>500 A/1,000 V) for short periods in Boost Mode.

The HPC-capable CCS charging inlets feature IP6K6K and IP6K9K degree of protection in the front area, even when the charging flap is open. Accordingly, the front area is protected against powerful jet water under increased pressure, against water during high-pressure or steam jet cleaning, and against the ingress of dust.

The relevant external dimensions and screw-connection geometries of the vehicle charging inlets are identical to each other. This allows manufacturers to plan the same installation space for each electric vehicle regardless of the target market – from ships to motorcycles.

The CCS charging inlets were developed in accordance with IATF 16949 for the demanding requirements of the automotive industry. With CHARX connect universal, this robust and proven technology is now available for all types of electric vehicles.

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