Overview of the electronic circuit breaker product ranges (CBM, CBMC, PTCB, CB E1)

Electronic circuit breakers

Thanks to their intelligent analysis and signaling of faults, electronic circuit breakers are a perfect way to monitor system states. They can be used to protect your system components and switched-mode power supply units against failure. Thanks to the various remote signaling functions of the electronic circuit breakers, you can see the status of your system anywhere and anytime.

Advantages of electronic circuit breakers

The complete portfolio of electronic circuit breakers provides intelligent protection for your power supply system. Benefit from extremely easy handling and simple product selection.

  • Comprehensive portfolio provides the ideal device protection to meet every requirement
  • Optimum monitoring of system states with intelligent analysis and fault signaling
  • Easy startup with tool-free connection technology and intuitive operation
  • Stay informed of the system status at all times, anywhere in the world, with the remote control and remote signaling function
  • Industry 4.0-compatible, thanks to complete monitoring of the 24 V energy supply
PTCB single-channel electronic circuit breaker bridged with CLIPLINE complete terminal blocks

PTCB - universal at 6 mm

PTCB narrow electronic circuit breakers

Ideal for simple, space-saving potential distribution: The PTCB single-channel electronic circuit breaker can be bridged to the CLIPLINE complete terminal block system. It offers a setting range from 1 to 8 A with a very narrow overall width.

Your advantages:

  • Simple application setup with the capability of bridging to the CLIPLINE complete terminal block range
  • More space in the control cabinet: extremely narrow protection with a width of just 6 mm
  • Flexible use and a reduced inventory due to adjustable current values on each device for a wide range of applications
The circuit breakers in the CB E family consist of base elements and plugs

CB E - individually adjustable

CB E single-channel electronic circuit breakers

Build custom applications according to your requirements. The number of consumers you need to protect is irrelevant. These modular single-channel device circuit breakers can be extended and adapted to your particular situation.

Your advantages:

  • Individually adjustable with protective plugs
  • Large selection of protective plugs with fixed nominal current values for protection against unauthorized changes
  • Active current limitation to improve the capacity of the upstream power supply
CBM multi-channel electronic circuit breakers in 4- and 8-channel versions

CBM - multi-channel circuit breakers with nominal current assistant

CBM device circuit breakers with nominal current assistant

Four to eight channels can be safely protected against overload and short-circuit currents with the CBM multi-channel device circuit breakers. Thanks to the integrated nominal current assistant, setting the right nominal current for your consumers is easy. The selected settings are locked electronically. This prevents the risk of unwanted incorrect settings.

The integrated early warning system ensures fewer failures. When the set nominal current of a channel reaches 80%, a warning is output via the associated LED. You can use the separate signal output for remote signaling.

Active current limitation enables optimum use of the upstream power supply. This allows the use of smaller switched-mode power supply units and prevents unwanted voltage dips.

Your advantages:

  • Easy to configure with the nominal current assistant
  • Active current limitation to improve the capacity of the upstream power supply
  • Adjustable in increments per channel: from 0.5 A to 10 A
CBMC compact electronic circuit breakers are adjustable from 1 to 4 A and from 1 to 10 A

CBMC - compact multi-channel device circuit breakers

CBMC compact multi-channel electronic circuit breakers

The CBMC electronic circuit breaker is tailored precisely to your requirements: It combines a compact design and individual adjustability. The four channels can be adjusted via the LED buttons easily and with no need for tools.

The integrated early warning system ensures fewer failures with CBMC, too. When the set nominal current of a channel reaches 80%, a warning is output via the associated LED.

CBMC also provides the right solution for NEC Class 2 circuits. The adjustable devices for 1 to 4 A provide ideal protection for cables and sensors.

This means that you can easily and flexibly adjust currents, save space, and reliably protect all applications with just a single device.

Your advantages:

  • Easy device replacement without re-planning due to the compact design and options for individual adjustment
  • Circuits can be adjusted without any tools by simply pressing the LED pushbuttons
  • Can be ordered preconfigured - for device protection that meets the specific requirements of your system
CBMC circuit breakers being configured individually at the computer

Device protection specifically tailored to your system with CBMC

Specifically tailored to your system

Get the best protection for your system and order device circuit breakers that are preconfigured according to your requirements. You save programming time and can install and start the product up immediately.

You decide at the time you place your order which presets you would like the device to have. Each individual nominal current is selected individually. You are also free to decide whether you would like to be able to change the preset values later or want them fixed permanently. With fixed values, the current values for each channel are even printed directly on the front. You can therefore easily see the device circuit breaker settings at any time, even once it has been installed.
Order your fully customized device circuit breaker in the quantities you want, starting from a minimum quantity of one unit.

To make reordering as easy as possible, you will find the order code on the side of every device. This makes reordering seamless.

Configure your CBMC circuit breakers now, according your specific personal requirements.

CBMC 4-channel device circuit breaker with IO-Link communication interface

IO-Link communication for system-wide transparency

Intelligent control and comprehensive monitoring with IO-Link

The CBMC portfolio also includes versions with IO-Link interface. IO-Link allows you to fully integrate the device circuit breakers into the process monitoring and control systems. This gives you continuous access to process-related data and keeps you up to date on them from anywhere.

Device circuit breaker versions equipped with status output and reset input give you more diagnostic and control options in your system. This is because this product provides the option of remotely resetting the circuit. It is therefore also possible to install the device circuit breaker in locations that are difficult to access.

Another version electrically interrupts load outputs with the help of built-in relays. In this case, as opposed to other electronic circuit breakers, the protected output is not only switched to high impedance in the event of an error, but is also electrically isolated.