Tool-free and space-saving cabling

M8 Push-Lock connectors

Forget about the time-consuming, tedious assembly of M8 connectors. Whether for signal cabling or data communication via PROFINET or SPE, with M8 Push-Lock connectors you do not need a “third” hand to make the conductor connection. With the Push-Lock technology, copper conductors of all types can be connected easily and tool-free for the first time, even in the compact M8 design.

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M8 connectors with Push-Lock connection

Save time and costs with future-proof cabling

The focus of the All Electric Society is on the segments of electrification, networking, and automation. In this context, the error-free and easy cabling of machines and systems is becoming increasingly important, and the need for future-proof connectors is growing. Connectors and cabling solutions that can be connected tool-free increase efficiency during installation meaning that they form an essential cornerstone for the realization of the All Electric Society.

Your advantages

  • The Push-Lock technology enables the easy and tool-free connection of rigid and flexible conductors with and without ferrules
  • Intuitive conductor connection with color coding and numerical coding of the contact levers
  • 30% smaller than an M12 connector, the compact design of the M8 Push-Lock connectors offers significant space savings
  • Secure and reliable connection with high conductor pull-out forces with proven spring-cage technology
  • Safe operation with a long-term stable and vibration-resistant PE connection and 360° shielding

M8 connectors with Push-Lock connection

In increasingly networked systems, functions are decentralized and intelligent devices and sensors are miniaturized. Flexible and space-saving cabling can be realized with M8 connectors designed for assembly. The Push-Lock connection enables convenient wiring without tools. You benefit from significant time savings and safe installation.

M8 connectors with Push-Lock connection

User-friendly, intuitive connection

Save time and avoid connection errors. With M8 Push-Lock connectors, you can connect rigid and flexible conductors with and without ferrules conveniently and tool-free. The clamping chambers are opened and closed via a lever. The color and numerical coding of the contact holders mean that the conductors can be assigned directly.

30% space saving with M8 Push-Lock connectors

Space-saving installation

The trend toward miniaturization is also continuing without interruption in field- and network cabling. Whether connecting compact sensors or transmitting data and signals from small devices, for connection technology this means that connectors must be smaller, more powerful, and more reliable at the same time. The M8 Push-Lock connector is one third smaller than the M12 connector. It offers significant space savings with the same reliable industrial features.

Future-proof cabling with M8 Push-Lock connectors for Single Pair Ethernet

Future-proof cabling

Increasing requirements on cabling solutions in IP-protected areas go hand in hand with the growing demands in automation. Whether transmission properties or the ease of installation are the focus, connection technology is improving all the time. With M8 Push-Lock connectors for future-proof data transmission with PROFINET or Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), cable lengths can now also be determined flexibly in this field.

Simply connect without tools
Find out about the Push-Lock connection in an M8 design
Ever-smaller electronic devices require compact connections. Confined spaces and customized cable lengths are becoming more and more common when it comes to the cabling of machines and systems. The compact M8 connectors with Push-Lock connection enable the easy, tool-free connection of copper conductors of all types for the first time.
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Push-Lock connection in M8 design