Man with tablet showing the digital networking with the control center of a tunnel

Tunnel integration into the traffic control center Reliable monitoring from the control room

Tunnels are a sensitive element of a transport system. Numerous road users rely on the use of tunnels every day. Tunnels are monitored centrally from control centers to ensure that they operate smoothly. Depending on their size and type, tunnels may be equipped with their own monitoring devices that are connected to higher-level supervisory control rooms.

The traffic control center plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of tunnel users, especially in the event of a disaster. Therefore, multi-layered redundancy, cyber security, integration with emergency services, and seamless control over emergency systems in the tunnel are essential. Phoenix Contact enables you to securely connect and easily control your tunnel structures from higher-level control rooms.

Limitless data communication from the sensor to the cloud

Solutions for predictive maintenance, highly integrated transport concepts, and energy-efficient tunnel operation rely on data communication with no system boundaries. The tunnel authorities also actively promote connecting the field level, automation units, distributed SCADA systems, and central application hosting.

Our solutions for your applications

Cybersecurity symbolized by digitally networked lock
Tunnel control room with tunnel visualizations on PC screens
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Distributed control system in the tunnel
Cybersecurity symbolized by digitally networked lock

It must be possible to access tunnel structures from higher-level control centers in order to manage them centrally as part of a transport system. This requires a secure, reliable, and interference-free connection.

Our components for secure remote access support extremely secure data transfer via VPN tunnel. Use of the latest encryption standards combined with IEC 62443 certification ensure that your data remains secure.

Tunnel control room with tunnel visualizations on PC screens

Phoenix Contact provides a comprehensive range of visualization options for operating and monitoring complex technical processes in the tunnel. System visualization can be made available locally at the application, in the tunnel control room, or in the higher-level supervisory control room.

Our portfolio ranges from cost-effective web visualization right through to versatile SCADA systems with integrated alarm systems for demanding tasks.

Database icon, digitally networked

In the future, tunnels will form part of an entire smart city concept, so it is vitally important to be able to continually record their operating data. Huge amounts of data have to be sent to cloud systems so that data can be incorporated into smart city applications.

With Proficloud, Phoenix Contact provides you with a professional and secure solution for this.

Distributed control system in the tunnel

Use the Tunnel Functions software library to automate your tunnel applications. Function modules specially developed for the tunnel industry simplify the connection and integration of complex Phoenix Contact tunnel solutions to the control system.

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Data streams during data processing

Your advantages

  • Secure remote access certified in accordance with IEC 62443
  • Time and location-independent system access via web visualization
  • Comprehensive trending, alerting, and reporting options with SCADA connection
  • Limitless data transmission with cloud integration
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