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Maximum availability for your systems – our solutions for your power supply are technologically groundbreaking.

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  • Power supplies
    Power supplies

    Maximize the availability of your systems with high-quality power supplies featuring advanced technology, optimized in terms of functionality and performance.

  • Uninterruptible power supplies
    Uninterruptible power supplies

    Uninterruptible power supplies for DC and AC loads ensure optimum system availability with tailor-made solutions.

  • DC/DC converters
    DC/DC converters

    DC/DC converters alter the voltage level, regenerate the voltage at the end of long cables, or enable the creation of independent supply systems.

  • Redundancy modules
    Redundancy modules

    Decoupling, monitoring, and controlling redundancy modules. For maximized availability of power supplies operated in parallel.

  • Autonomous power supply
    Solar systems supply external stations – independently and reliably.

    Solar systems supply external stations – independently and reliably.

  • Customer-specific power supplies
    Expertise from a single source

    Customer-specific devices and device-integrated solutions for medical, building, and network technology.

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In their search for the ideal power supply, our engineers are constantly developing new technologies. The final goal is always maximum availability for your plants and systems.

Your advantages

  • Optimally equipped, thanks to high-quality products featuring leading technology
  • The ideal solution: functions and designs tailored to the requirements of various different industries
  • Reliable quality across all product ranges

Power supplies

The product ranges from left to right: UNO, TRIO, QUINT POWER  

Functionality and design are tailored to the requirements of various different industries.

Do you want to reliably supply your modules in the control cabinet? 

Choose from the comprehensive product range from Phoenix Contact.

  • Single and three-phase power supply units with powers up to 1,000 W and integrated NFC interface for wireless parameterization
  • DC/DC converters
  • Redundancy modules for decoupling and monitoring power supplies connected in parallel.

Only we can offer groundbreaking functionality such as SFB (selective fuse breaking) technology and ACB (automatic current balancing) technology. You can therefore ensure maximum availability of your system.

Uninterruptible power supplies

Intelligent UPS for AC and DC applications for superior system availability thanks to IQ technology  

Uninterruptible power supplies in the control cabinet

We offer uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for various requirements.

Protect your DC and AC loads against power supply failure:

  • AC UPS module with integrated power supply
  • Buffer modules
  • Modular UPS solutions
  • Power storage
  • Compact versions

The unique IQ technology makes the UPS for DIN rails an extremely intelligent solution. This means that a 100% reliable power supply is now available for the first time ever.


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