UPS battery

Energy storage

With the energy storage systems for our modular system of uninterruptible power supplies, you will always have the optimum UPS solution for your system. The energy storage systems offer various features: long service life, long buffer time, zero maintenance, or use at extreme ambient temperatures. With our comprehensive selection of battery modules, we always have the right UPS battery for your needs.

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Your advantages

  • Quick installation with automatic detection of the energy storage and tool-free replacement during operation
  • Maximum availability due to constant communication with the QUINT UPS for continuous monitoring and intelligent management
  • Extremely long service life with optimum charging characteristics based on the technology and ambient conditions
  • Immediate availability, since all energy storage devices leave our warehouse fully charged
UPS batteries with lithium iron phosphate technology

LI-ION energy storage devices Batteries with lithium iron phosphate technology

UPS batteries with lithium iron phosphate technology are characterized by their long service life combined with long buffer times.

  • Buffer times of up to 40 minutes with a service life of 15 years and 7,000 charging cycles
  • Light weight of 0.45 kg
  • Temperature-resistant between -20 to +58°C
UPS battery with lead AGM technology

PB energy storage media Batteries with lead AGM technology

UPS batteries with lead AGM technology offer maximum buffer times.

  • Buffer times of 8 hours with a service life of 6–8 years
  • Lead AGM technology (absorbent glass mat)
  • Temperature-resistant between 0 and +40°C
UPS battery with pure lead AGM technology

VRLA / WTR energy storage devices (Valve Regulated Lead Acid / Wide Temperature Range) Batteries with pure lead AGM technology

The UPS batteries with pure lead AGM technology are suitable for use under extreme environmental conditions.

  • Maximum buffer times of 5 hours, even at extreme temperatures
  • Temperature-resistant between -25 to +60°C
  • Pure lead AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology
Capacitor energy storage

Capacitor energy storage

Capacitor energy storage devices offer maximum service life. They do not require any maintenance at all, offering a service life of over 20 years and over 500,000 charging cycles.

  • Buffer load currents of 20 A for 30 seconds or 1 A for 12 minutes
  • Maintenance-free double-layer capacitors
  • Light weight of 0.4 kg
  • Temperature-resistant between -40 to +60°C

Our energy storage media in comparison

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Temperature - 20°C ... + 60°C - 25°C ... + 60°C 0°C ... + 40°C
Service life at +20°C 15 years 12 years 6 years ... 8 years
Service life at +50°C 2 years 1.5 years 1 year
Charging cycles at +20°C 7,000 300 250