Highly compact relay modules

Highly compact relay modules

Narrow and powerful

The relay series suitable for universal use offers a wide range of possible applications.

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  • Product list Accessories

    The accessories range from relay retaining brackets and marking labels to loop bridges in various colors.

  • Product list Bases

    Relay bases with screw connection or also with spring-cage connection for miniature power relays.

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The PLC-INTERFACE relay system is the high-performance interface between the controller and system peripherals. PLC-INTERFACE provides you with a comprehensive range of highly compact, plug-in relays and solid-state relays. This includes extensive accessories and system cabling.

Your advantages

  • Your choice of easy connection technology: screw or Push-in connection technology
  • Time-saving potential distribution, thanks to plug-in bridges
  • Just 6.2 mm wide with plug-in relays and solid-state relays
  • PLC relay system plus system cabling for fast, plug-in connection between the controller and relay
  • Highly compact relay modules are a part of the COMPLETE line system

Universal and inexpensive interface

Electromechanical relay modules from Phoenix Contact  

The link between the controller and the actuators and sensors

Electromechanical relays are the link between the controller and the actuators or sensors. Use the relays as universal, inexpensive interfaces.

You can use the same electromechanical relay module design for both AC and DC switching voltage.

The focus is on the following applications:

  • Electrical isolation
  • Voltage adjustment of frequently varying voltage levels
  • Power amplification
  • Signal multiplication in the case of relay modules with multiple contacts (e.g., for signal confirmations)

Relay modules are used over a very wide voltage and current range. The modules are therefore able to withstand short-term overload.

High-quality interface

Solid-state relays from Phoenix Contact  

Solid-state relays for industrial applications

In industrial applications, solid-state relays support wear-free switching of signals ranging from a few mA to 10 A. They act as a high-quality, durable interface between the controller and the actuators and sensors.

You can choose between two different technologies for solid-state relays: for AC or for DC switching loads.

The focus is on the following applications:

  • Electrical isolation
  • Voltage adjustment of frequently varying voltage levels
  • Power amplification

The relay modules are available for all standard control and on-load voltages up to 250 V AC. In addition, integrated protective circuits ensure safe operation in the event of transient overvoltages.


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