Maximum power, minimum size

Maximum power, minimum size

Use the new M12 and M17 plug-in connectors to design compact devices.

Motors and devices are becoming more compact and more powerful. With the new M12 and M17 plug-in connectors, Phoenix Contact now offers the ideal solution: compact connections for currents up to 12 A/630 V or 20 A/630 V.

  • Save space, without losing power – thanks to the reduced size
  • Just a half turn for quick and secure connection – with the SPEEDCON rapid interlock system
  • Error-free connection – thanks to mechanical keying for M12 AC and DC plug-in connectors and color coding for M17 plug-in connectors
  • Reliable use – thanks to the rugged design

M12 plug-in connectors for power

M12 plug-in connectors  

M12: a lot of power in a small amount of space

With M12 Power, Phoenix Contact offers the ideal device connection technology solution in the power range above 12 A and 630 V.

The M12 design therefore opens up new areas of application for supplying power to your electrical drives and controllers.  

M17 plug-in connectors for power and signals

M17 plug-in connectors  

Power and signals in compact M17 format

The circular plug-in connectors in the M17 Compact series set new standards in the trend toward miniaturization. Despite their compact size – now reduced by 15% – the 4 to 17-pos. circular plug-in connectors are designed for a transmission capacity of up to 20 A and 630 V.

Three new housing designs, plus individual marking of plug-in connectors with color rings, offer a flexible solution for your electrical connection.

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