Various automatic tools for conductor processing for cutting, stripping, and crimping

Automatic tools for conductor assembly

Our range of tools includes efficient automatic tools for cutting, stripping, and crimping. Automate these three sub-steps in your production processes, even for small and medium quantities. Achieve consistently high-quality work results with the automatic tools for precise and fast processing of conductors and cables.

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Your advantages

  • Fast and precise processing of different wire materials
  • Easy startup with plug-and-play
  • Intuitive operation via display, knobs, or numerical keys
  • Robust and durable automatic tools due to the use of low-wear components

Automatic tools for efficient wire processing

Cutting, stripping, and crimping: increase your wire processing efficiency with our automatic tools by automating these three substeps. The combination of functionality, quality, and fast setup times provides high levels of flexibility while ensuring high-quality results every time. Intuitive operation enables easy startup of our automatic tools for the fast and precise processing of wires and cables. The robust design and the use of low-wear components make the automatic tools durable and low-maintenance.

Automatic cutting device

CUTFOX 10 automatic cutting device

Automatic cutting devices

Save time during wire preparation: With our automatic cutting device, you can cut wires up to 10 mm² and cables up to 8 mm in diameter automatically and with millimeter precision. Quick and intuitive entry of the length and quantity prevents operating errors. Our automatic tool adjusts the diameter automatically.

  • Intuitive operation via the display and numerical keys
  • Easy startup with plug-and-play
  • Automatic diameter adjustment with the spring system
  • Convenient data transfer, e.g., from Microsoft Excel
Automatic stripping device

WF 1000 automatic stripping device

Automatic stripping devices

From standard PVC to problematic Teflon insulation – strip each wire reliably and with repeat accuracy using our automatic stripping device.
The compact automatic tool enables the automatic stripping of wires up to 6 mm² and cables up to 6 mm in diameter.

  • Intuitive adjustment of the stripping dimensions via the display and knobs
  • Time savings due to fast stripping in a cycle time of just 0.3 seconds
  • Processing of problematic insulation tasks using special blade geometries
  • No damage to the insulation, as the clamping force setting is automatically and sensitively adjusted in line with the extraction force
Automatic crimping device

CF 500 automatic crimping device

Automatic crimping devices

Streamline your workflow with our compact automatic crimping device. From ferrules to coaxial connectors – with its high pressing capacity and the ability to change dies quickly and easily, this automatic tool is suitable for crimping various connector types and sizes.

  • Intuitive operation via the display and numerical keys
  • Easy startup with plug-and-play
  • High level of flexibility due to interchangeable dies
  • Crimping easily triggered by means of foot-actuated switch
Automatic stripping and crimping device

CF 3000 automatic stripping and crimping device

Automatic stripping and crimping devices

Reduce your processing time with our automatic tools for stripping and crimping. In a single step that takes just one second, you have a cleanly assembled wire. For mobile applications, use our CF 3000 compact automatic stripping and crimping device. With this device, you can quickly and safely process bulk ferrules in taped format.

  • Fast cross-section change due to the modular design
  • Short cycle time due to perfectly coordinated subprocesses
  • Easy startup with plug-and-play
Portable automatic stripping and crimping device

Portable automatic stripping and crimping device

Portable automatic stripping and crimping device

Our portable automatic stripping and crimping device is the smallest automatic tool available and is ideal for efficient wire processing directly at or in the control cabinet. With our portable handheld device, it takes just two seconds to assemble your wires. The Crimphandy strips, fits a ferrule, and crimps in a single step.

  • Time savings of up to 75% with the combination of work steps and very easy operation
  • Consistently high-quality results with automatic monitoring functions
  • Unlimited mobile use with battery operation and supply magazine
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