Connectors and cables

Connectors for device connection and field cabling

Versatile M5 to M58 circular connectors, data and photovoltaic connectors as well as modular rectangular and heavy-duty industrial connectors: the comprehensive connector range from Phoenix Contact offers a huge variety of solutions for industrial and semi-industrial applications. Application-specific connector systems as well as cables and lines that are pre-assembled or for assembly complete the range.

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Your advantages

  • Numerous possible applications with a large number of designs and modular systems
  • High-level reliability with our outstanding level of quality and years of expertise
  • Innovative and time-saving connection solutions for devices with all the usual degrees of protection associated with industrial use
  • High degree of flexibility with customer-specific adaptations
  • Expert design-in support

Product features at a glance

  • Device connectors and cable connectors
  • Metric threads from M5 to M58
  • DC and AC solutions
  • Connectors for copper and FO cables
  • Modular connector systems for signals, data, and power
  • Connectors for IP20 to IP69K degrees of protection
  • Hybrid connectors
Person using the configurator for HEAVYCON heavy-duty connectors


Just a few clicks to your tailored connector: Use our intuitive configurators to create your own product version.

Circular connectors for transmitting data, signals, and power

Circular connectors

Phoenix Contact offers circular connectors in numerous sizes for industrial automation. From small to large, straight or angled, molded or designed for assembly on site: The wide-ranging portfolio offers optimum solutions for transmitting signals, data, and power.

  • M12 and M23 innovative hybrid connectors
  • 3- to 19-pos. M5, M8, M12, M23, and 7/8″ signal connectors
  • M8 and M12 data connectors for transmission speeds up to 10 Gbps
  • M12 to M58 power connectors for currents up to 150 A and voltages up to 630 V
Connectors for energy storage devices for front or rear connection

Connectors for energy storage

Install your energy storage systems for applications up to 1,500 V quickly, safely, and cost-effectively with battery connectors and connectors for busbar connections.

  • Connectors for front and rear connection to energy storage devices
  • Nominal voltage up to 1,500 V DC and system voltage up to 1,500 V
  • Cross-sections: 16 mm² ... 25 mm²
  • Nominal currents up to 200 A
  • Degree of protection up to IP65
Data connectors for high transmission rates in industry and a wide range of infrastructure applications

Data connectors

Phoenix Contact offers data connectors for copper and FO cabling for fast and reliable data transmission in industry, computer centers or infrastructure applications. Connectors, patch cables, and accessories are available for all common fieldbuses and networks.

  • Transmission speeds up to 40 Gbps
  • Solutions for IP20, IP65/IP67, and IP69K
  • Innovative hybrid cabling
  • Patch panels and marshalling panels for 19″ mounting
Multiple designs of heavy-duty connectors arranged side by side

Heavy-duty connectors

Heavy-duty connectors protect your interfaces and also ensure the reliable transmission of power, data, and signals even under harsh conditions. They are resistant to dirt, water, vibrations, and high mechanical strain, and are sealed up to IP69K degree of protection.

  • Conductive metal housings with EMC protection
  • Mounting- and connection-compatible sleeve and base housings
  • Fixed-position and modular contact inserts with a wide range of connection technologies
  • Conductive surfaces with EMC protection
Various installation connectors

Installation connectors

Connect cables quickly and easily using installation connectors and cables. Depending on your application, choose between compact device connections, convenient power distribution, or simple cable connections. Robust housings and high degrees of protection allow reliable power transmission in the field and in humid environments.

  • Fixed and plug-in connections
  • Solutions for IP68/69K/IK07
  • For currents up to 40 A and voltages up to 690 V
  • For cables up to 5 x 6 mm²
Modular rectangular connectors for various contact inserts

Modular rectangular connectors

Modular rectangular connectors offer compact connections for use in devices, terminal boxes, and control cabinets. Various different housing versions, modular contact inserts, and contact carriers for crimp contacts enable flexible connection options for signals, data, and power.

  • Sleeve housings in accordance with IP65/IP67/IP68/IP69K degree of protection
  • Contact insert sets for 4 to 40 positions
  • Modular contact inserts for hybrid applications
  • Panel-mount bases and coupling housings
Multiple, diverse photovoltaic connectors side by side for versatile use in photovoltaic systems

Photovoltaic connectors

Photovoltaic connectors from Phoenix Contact cover a wide range of applications: AC and DC connectors for assembly, device connections as well as connection technology for photovoltaic panels, building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), and micro inverters enable consistent connection solutions.

  • AC and DC connectors with IP66/IP68 degree of protection
  • AC and DC device connections with IP65/IP66/IP68 degree of protection
  • Panel feed-through and PCB terminal blocks for currents up to 309 A and voltages up to 600 V (UL)
  • Connection systems for BIPV and micro inverters
Different DC connector designs

DC connectors

DC connectors from Phoenix Contact can be safely connected and disconnected under load. They reliably protect against dangerous electric arcs. The capability of being connected under load enables selected components to be fully shut down, thus ensuring high system availability.

  • For cross-sections from 1.5 to 6 mm²
  • For nominal voltages up to 800 V and nominal currents up to 20 A
  • Protection classes IP66/IP68 (24 h/2 m); IP69/IK08

Related product areas

Different cables and lines from the Phoenix Contact portfolio
Distributors, adapters, and conductor connector for signal transmission, data transmission, and power cabling
Customer-specific cable assemblies
Different cables and lines from the Phoenix Contact portfolio

Assemble your connectors yourself and use preassembled cable versions. In addition to the complete range for field installation, Phoenix Contact offers copper- and FO-based data cables, hybrid cables, signal cables, and power cables. Solutions for photovoltaics, for energy storage systems, and cables by the meter extend the product program.

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Distributors, adapters, and conductor connector for signal transmission, data transmission, and power cabling

Take advantage of consistent solutions for passive field cabling. The extensive product range includes distributor boxes, splice boxes, conductor connectors, adapters, and distributors. We offer a wide range of designs and interfaces for copper and FO applications.

More about distributors, adapters, and conductor connectors
Customer-specific cable assemblies

Create custom cable assemblies for your application. The wide range of designs, codings, and pin assignments enables customer-specific solutions for transmitting signals, data, and power. You can have your assembled cables marked in accordance with your specifications. Labeling and packaging with logo or bar code or even complete new developments are also possible.

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A wide range of solutions for the following industries Connectors and cables are used in almost all industries and markets, and tailor-made solutions are available. The industries in which they are used include:

Automotive production
Oil refinery plant at night
Modern office building
Solar system with wind turbines in the background
5G antenna base station
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Device manufacturers

Gain an overview of our range for device manufacturers. We offer an extensive portfolio of connection technology and for industrial and infrastructure applications.

Person holding electronic assembly with various device connections in hand

Device connections in building automation

A large number of applications in smart buildings are networked together as decentralized units. Standardized device connections are therefore required so that the individual building systems and their applications can communicate with each other quickly and easily. Rely on intelligent connection solutions for smart device connection: compact, standard-compliant and easy to maintain.

Ideal for a wide range of applications Whatever the requirements of your applications, you will find Phoenix Contact connectors featuring the ideal connection technology. Benefit from reliable and durable connections, for example in the following applications:

5G routers
Camera system
Frequency converters
Energy storage device
Power supply