As a family business, it is important to us to preserve what has been created for future generations.
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Our sustainable actions

At Phoenix Contact, we live and breathe sustainability. We are implementing the guiding vision of the All Electric Society in innovations and technological solutions for the energy revolution and climate protection. We take care to use resources sparingly, protect the environment, and ensure recyclability when developing new products, and apply the same approach to the manufacturing process.

We are committed to responsible business practices for a good work culture, compatibility with nature and the environment, and social justice. We respect human rights and children’s rights, we respect the diversity of people, and we strictly comply with laws, norms, and standards. These values are non-negotiable and shape our sustainable actions.

Environmental, social, and economic aspects

We act in accordance with ESG criteria and take equal account of environmental (E for Environmental), social (S for Social), and economic aspects, bringing them into line with legal requirements and social demands (G for Governance) – all with the aim of sustainable corporate management.

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Global sustainability projects
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Sustainable Development Goals

Working together for a better future: with our product and innovation portfolio, we at Phoenix Contact are directly supporting six of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A total of 17 international sustainability goals were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 to ensure sustainable development at the economic, social, and environmental levels.

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The All Electric Society

Climate change and the energy revolution are presenting the world with major challenges and complex issues. We believe in transforming the world so that energy from renewable resources is available in sufficient quantities and at affordable prices – we believe in the All Electric Society. Solutions and technologies for electrification, networking, and automation are the key.

Product Environmental Footprint

Reducing our carbon footprint

Reducing the carbon footprint of our products is the main focus of all our efforts to minimize emissions along the entire value chain. The current fields of action address the materials used, logistics processes, and recyclability of products.