Always know what is going on

Always know what is going on

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ intelligent surge protection warns you before system protection is lost.

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ is the forward-looking surge protection system from Phoenix Contact. Your advantage: multi-stage monitoring of protective devices. This means that a failure can be foreseen.

Your advantages

  • Preventive replacement of arresters with pre-existing damage, thanks to multi-stage display and remote signaling
  • Direct installation in Ex zone 2 with protective devices for intrinsically safe circuits up to Ex zone 0
  • Fast and error-free installation, thanks to DIN rail connectors and coded plugs
  • System can be extended up to 28 protective devices through powerful supply modules
  • Easy replacement of protective plugs without interrupting ongoing operation

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ: intelligent surge protection with system


Clear signal colors for the status of the protective device

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ is a system comprising a controller and surge protection. The controller supplies the protective devices and provides the group remote signaling for up to 28 protective modules.

A particularly interesting feature is the multi-stage signaling and remote signaling of the protective devices. Each voltage-limiting component of the protective circuit is intelligently monitored.

A yellow status signal indicates that as a result of frequent surge voltages, the performance limit has been reached. The arresters continue to function and your system is still protected. A replacement is, however, recommended in order to avoid unnecessary service operations.

Green: protective device O.K.

Yellow: performance limit reached, replacement recommended

Red: overloaded, replacement required

Special protection for potentially explosive areas

Potentially explosive areas  

Install PT-IQ Ex directly in Ex zone 2

With PLUGTRAB PT-IQ Ex, surge protective devices are available for the first time with an auxiliary voltage supply for the “intrinsic safety” protection type which can be installed directly in Ex zone 2.

PT-IQ Ex permanently monitors intrinsically safe circuits up to Ex zone 0. Protective devices with pre-existing damage are also directly detected and reported.

Approvals according to ATEX and IECEx enable global use.

Typical fields of application for PT-IQ Ex include:

  • Process technology
  • Water and wastewater technology
  • Energy technology
  • Traffic technology and building automation

Further advantages of the PLUGTRAB PT-IQ product range

PT-IQ connection technology  

Different connection methods: screw and push-in connection

  • Vibration-resistant installation – the new locking mechanism provides secure fixing even for installations in harsh environments.
  • Space-saving installation: up to five signal wires can be protected on a design width of just 17.5 mm
  • Energy efficient, as the green LEDs on all protection modules can be switched off centrally at the controller
  • Variable connection technology: choose between conventional screw connection or convenient push-in connection technology

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ – easy installation

Watch the video and discover how quickly and easily PLUGTRAB PT-IQ can be wired and integrated into a remote signaling concept.

Do you want to find out more?

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