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Are you looking to connect remote stations to your control center over great distances?  We have the right transmission path for every remote control application – using either mobile networks or copper-based solutions.

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  • Wide range of transmission solutions for industrial communication from a single source
  • Flexible selection based on economic or technical features

Ethernet extender system for easy networking of extensive IP networks

Ethernet extender system  

Ethernet extender for extensive IP networks

Connect extensive Ethernet networks of up to 20 kilometers with the Ethernet extender system – exceptionally easy via Plug and Play. Thanks to the managed Ethernet extender, unmanaged Ethernet extenders can now also be diagnosed centrally via IP. Messages can be forwarded automatically to the control center via SNMP.

Not only does this combination allow all devices and paths to be diagnosed via IP, it also enables economical networking of extensive systems. Simply use existing two-wire copper cables to network the devices.

The managed Ethernet extender also features integrated surge protection with preventive function monitoring for high system availability.

PROFIBUS extender for copper-based transmission up to 20 km

PROFIBUS extender for paths greater than 1,200 m  

Data rates of up to 1.5 Mbps

You can reach remote PROFIBUS devices via old copper cables with a PROFIBUS extender – with data rates of up to 1.5 Mbps.

Two DSL ports per device permit the straightforward setup of redundant point-to-point or linear structures.

In addition, mixed operation using copper conductors and fiber optics is also possible using a DIN rail connector.

Last but not least, power is supplied via USB cable, which enables device configuration without an external 24 V power supply.

Connect remote stations via mobile network

TC Router for high-speed data connections  

High-speed LTE router

The mobile TC ROUTER from Phoenix Contact enables powerful, high-speed data connections via mobile 4G LTE networks with up to 150 Mbps. This creates a mobile broadband connection for highly flexible site networking wherever a cable-based Internet connection is not available.

One advantage is the wide temperature range from -40 to +70°C, which enables use in infrastructure applications in harsh and demanding environments.

Connect remote stations via ADSL

TC DSL ROUTER for connecting remote control stations  

Broadband connections in the public phone network

The TC DSL ROUTER enables the connection of industrial Ethernet or RS-232 devices to the Internet using high-availability ADSL technology. This enables a permanent connection of substations to the control center for cyclic data acquisition and monitoring. ADSL offers a reliable broadband alternative to an analog leased line.

Protocol converters for remote control technology

Protocol converters convert communication protocols

Monitor distributed stations easily and cost-effectively

Thanks to the protocol converters from the Resygate product range by Phoenix Contact, you can now monitor distributed stations more cost-effectively and easily. Resygate devices convert many popular communication protocols, for example, from the water management industry or energy supply, into modern, standardized remote control protocols. This saves you considerable costs for interfaces in the control system.


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Ethernet extender

Usage of the Ethernet extender system at Bad Pyrmont municipal utilities.