Active redundancy modules

Active redundancy modules

For the most demanding requirements

QUINT ORING with ACB Technology doubles the service life of the redundant system.

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    QUINT ORING modules with ACB technology double the service life of your redundant power supply units.

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QUINT ORING active redundancy modules feature ACB (Auto Current Balancing) technology.
This balances the loads on power supplies equally, extending their service life.

The S-ORING modules with consistent isolated conductor routing up to the load report, in combination with the QUINT POWER power supply, all critical operating states of the redundant system.

Your advantages

  • Preventive function monitoring, through constant monitoring of the input voltage, output current, and decoupling section
  • Consistent redundancy up to the load with two positive output terminals
  • Service life doubled, thanks to uniform load distribution
  • Energy savings of 70%, thanks to the use of MOSFETs
  • Over Voltage Protection limits any surge voltages to 32 V

Detect and avoid critical states

Active redundancy modules for the most demanding requirements  

The threshold value for the load current can be selected.

A controller that requires 5 A is supplied by two redundant power supply units, each with a nominal current of 5 A. If an additional load with 3 A is connected, the power supplies supply 8 A via the POWER BOOST power reserve without any problems and with no voltage dip. However, in this instance there is no more redundancy. If one of the power supplies then fails, the second one is not able to supply the 8 A. Therefore it is important to control the load current. With QUINT ORING modules, the system operator immediately notices when there is no more redundancy. They detect critical operating states within the entire supply path and notify the operator in good time.

Double the service life, thanks to ACB Technology

QUINT ORING with ACB Technology  

Superior system availability, thanks to ACB Technology

In applications with the highest demands on operational reliability, redundant power supply solutions are necessary to ensure that the failure of a power supply unit does not result in system downtime. As a result of asymmetries, the load is often supplied by one power supply unit alone. This leads to a thermal load on the working power supply unit and thus to accelerated aging. If the power supply unit is operated at half the nominal current, it remains significantly cooler.

The ACB Technology of the QUINT ORING modules ensures symmetrical loading of the power supplies and thereby up to double the service life of the redundant system.


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