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Repeater - PSM-ME-RS485/RS485-P - 2744429

Repeater, for potential separation and range increase in RS-485 2-wire bus systems, 3-way isolation, rail-mountable

Interface converter - PSM-ME-RS232/RS232-P - 2744461

Interface converter, for the isolation of RS-232 (V.24) interfaces, 4 channels, rail-mountable

Interface converter - PSM-ME-RS232/TTY-P - 2744458

Interface converter, for converting RS-232 (V.24) to TTY, with electrical isolation, 2 channels, rail-mountable

Termination resistor - PSI-TERMINATOR-PB-TBUS - 2702636

Active termination resistor for PROFIBUS and RS-485 bus systems, redundant power supply, routing of the supply voltage via DIN rail connector, electrical isolation, switchable termination, integrated programming interface

Interface converters - FL COMSERVER BASIC 232/422/485 - 2313478

Second generation FL COMSERVER BASIC..., serial device server for converting a serial RS-232/422/485 interface to Ethernet, only supports TCP and UDP applications, incl. Com Port Redirector software and user documentation (PDF)

Interface converter - PSM-EG-RS232/RS422-P/4K - 2761266

Interface converter, for converting RS-232 (V.24) to RS-422 (V.11), with electrical isolation, 4 channels, rail-mountable

Interface converters - FL COMSERVER UNI 232/422/485 - 2313452

Second generation FL COMSERVER UNI..., serial device server for converting a serial 232/422/485 interface to Ethernet, supports TCP, UDP, Modbus gateway, and PPP applications, incl. COM port redirector software and user documentation

Interface converter - PSM-EG-RS232/TTY-P/2K - 2761253

Interface converter, for converting RS-232 to TTY, two channels, with electrical isolation, DIN-rail mountable

Interface converter - PSM-EG-RS232/RS232-P/4K - 2761444

Interface converter, for the electrical isolation of two RS-232 interfaces, 4 channels, integrated DTE/DCE switch-over, DIN-rail mountable

Modem - PSI-MODEM-SHDSL/PB - 2313656

Industrial PROFIBUS extender, for point-to-point connections, linear structures, and mixed operation with repeaters and fiber optic converters. Distances of up to 20 km, PROFIBUS data rates of up to 1.5 Mbps via simple copper wires, such as in-house phone lines.

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