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Factoryline WLAN 5100 – the next generation of our access points

The latest generation of our WLAN modules offers maximum reliability, data throughput, and range.

Ideal for industrial environments

The new WLAN 5100 combines rugged industrial technology with high 802.11n performance and modern MiMo technology in extremely compact metal housing.

Flexible: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band

2.4 GHz- and 5 GHz band  

2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band

The WLAN 5100 supports all current WLAN standards in the 2.4 GHz band and the increasingly important 5 GHz band. Three channels are available in the 2.4 GHz band, while up to 19 channels can be used in parallel in the 5 GHz band.

Further: up to 4 times the range

4 times greater range  

Greater range

Benefit from the WLAN 5100 high-performance radio module: the range is significantly superior even when using clients in the current 802.11b/g standard.

This results in fewer access points per area.

Higher level of performance: IEEE 802.11n

IEEE 802.11n  

IEEE 802.11n for industrial applications

The WLAN 5100 access points offer all the advantages of the new IEEE 802.11n standard, but now also for industrial applications.

Faster: up to 300 Mbps

WLAN 5100 rate  

Up to 5-times higher data rate

You can also implement high-speed industrial applications. The WLAN 5100 achieves a 5-times higher data rate via the wireless path when compared to the current 802.11a/g standard.

You can therefore almost achieve the net data rate of Fast Ethernet speed – wireless communication is no longer the bottleneck in the network.

More reliable: thanks to MiMo technology

MiMo technology  

Reflections cause significant signal fluctuations

MiMo (multiple input, multiple output) technology with three antennas significantly increases the ruggedness, speed, and range of your wireless communication. This is particularly noticeable under challenging industrial conditions.

WLAN 802.11a/g transmits and receives only one data stream via an antenna. This means that reflections can cause significant signal fluctuations at the receiver.

WLAN 802.11n  

Reflections are used strategically

WLAN 802.11n transmits and receives several data streams in parallel. The reflections in the area are used strategically.

Easier: thanks to CM technology

CM technology  

Quick and easy network configuration

CM (cluster management) technology enables full coverage WLAN networks to be implemented with fast roaming and a high level of security, yet involving minimal configuration and management.

All access points can be set up within minutes and integrated into existing networks.

Tailor-made: with RUGGED BOX mounting sets

RUGGED BOX mounting set  

RUGGED BOX mounting set for the WLAN 5100 access point

Control box sets that are precisely tailored to the FL WLAN 5100 make mounting in industrial applications particularly easy and flexible. Whether with antennas that can be directly screwed on or a power supply unit for 220 V operation: you will always find the access point that meets your exact requirements.


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