Monitoring software for photovoltaic systems

Quick and easy monitoring

Quick and easy monitoring

The PV Monitor+ monitoring software is the efficient monitoring solution for commercially used photovoltaic systems.

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The PV Monitor+ monitoring software enables easy evaluation of all key performance data from a photovoltaic system. Parameterization takes place via a web interface and requires no programming knowledge.

Your advantages

  • Quick and easy startup without programming knowledge
  • Information always at your fingertips wherever you are, thanks to alarm generation via text message
  • High degree of transparency by logging measured values, faults, and any other parameterizable events in a CSV file
  • Increased economic efficiency of the system, thanks to early error detection

Monitoring solution for photovoltaic systems

PV system monitoring  

Your monitoring solution for photovoltaic systems

The PV Monitor+ software monitoring solution is optimally designed for commercially used photovoltaic systems up to 500 kW. Voltages and currents are acquired by a modular small-scale controller. If the values exceed or fall below the set parameters, an alarm is sent in the form of an e-mail or text message. This means that you can keep an eye on system performance at all times.


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