Digital Factory: the future begins today Increase productivity, enhance sustainability, strengthen data security

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Take advantage of the opportunities of the Digital Factory for more value creation

Digital Factory solutions are the key to efficient, sustainable, and safe production. In turn, they are the key to increased added value. Make the transition from being the owner to the manager of your data, making active use of it. With Digital Factory solutions, you simultaneously improve the productivity and sustainability of your factory while strengthening the security of your production for more resilience and stability.

Food and beverage employees in discussion in front of a tablet with a utility metering and reporting dashboard

Your data always in view for better overall equipment effectiveness

Increase your productivity

The more efficiently production and process chains run, the better the cost and profit situation. Our Digital Factory solutions generate transparency and knowledge of all process data. The analysis enables you to systematically optimize and automate your processes. This leads to a significant increase in productivity while reducing costs.

Green plants in the background with a logo for Net Zero representing the sustainable factory

Sustainable production control for a carbon-neutral footprint

Improve your sustainability

Consumers prefer sustainable products and brands, while laws and regulations are creating additional pressure. Our Digital Factory solutions generate transparency and knowledge about all consumption data. Analyzing them enables you to draw conclusions about your resource consumption. This lowers costs, helps reduce climate-damaging gas emissions, and increases your company’s sustainability footprint.

Mguard security router in a production facility

Protecting your production facility against unauthorized access

Strengthen your data security

360° data security is the basis for secure and reliable production in Industry 4.0. Increasingly growing production networks, more stringent legal requirements, ands the networking of all stakeholders of a production facility underline the necessity of a holistic cybersecurity approach in the factory.
An analysis of the entire network in accordance with IEC 62443 is required to ensure that data and access (across locations) are always secure. This is the only way to holistically monitor and evaluate the security status. Compliance with laws and regulations such as NIS 2.0 and the German IT Security Act, securing supply chain agreements, and protecting expertise against unauthorized access are key components. This can be realized with the 360° security concept (certified in accordance with IEC 62443) from Phoenix Contact.

What we only had as a gut feeling in the past, we can prove today. We evaluate data and use the software expertise, enabling us to identify anomalies at an early stage, improve product quality, and optimize production processes more quickly.

Stefan Schnake - Phoenix Contact Electronics GmbH, Manager Manufacturing Data Support
Employee from the PLCnext Factory production facility in Bad Pyrmont at Phoenix Contact Electronics, Stefan Schnake

Your room for maneuver - unlimited with our solutions

Data is the key to increased productivity, sustainability, and security. And mastering the data is the key to remaining competitive in the future. There are four segments in which you can take up the reins for yourself. From solutions for data collection to intelligent, AI-based solutions for smart production. Our digital factory solutions are as individual and targeted as your production.

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Data transport pictogram
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Data use pictogram
Data collection pictogram

Sensor, machine, and process data is generated constantly. Data is collected across locations and around the world. Existing machines can also be integrated into the Digital Factory with open interfaces.

Data transport pictogram

Dealing with complexity simply - easier said than done. This is because data is generated in all levels of the Digital Factory - from the sensor to the cloud - and the network is becoming ever larger. The data flow is a basic requirement in order for production to run smoothly. Flexible structures and real-time network diagnostics capabilities create a future-proof, extendable infrastructure.

Data security pictogram

The more complex the network, the more relevant the data security. This applies to both the IT and OT levels. A full 360 degree security system for all trades within the network is the be-all and end-all for the success and stability of the Digital Factory. 

Data use pictogram

The systematic use and networking of data are essential for the Digital Factory. The intelligent networking of ERP, MES, DCS, and production generates new knowledge that provides the decisive edge. 

The Digital Factory in practice: use cases in the food and beverage industry

Process optimization in existing workflows is one of the most effective levers for making production and manufacturing more resource-efficient. With our solutions, you can implement your digitalization projects during ongoing operations: step by step, without major engineering effort, downtimes, or costly machine retrofitting.

Conveyor belt with apples in the food industry
Employees in the beverage industry
Employees in production during a materiality analysis
Employee with tablet in production
Conveyor belt with apples in the food industry

More and more consumers are demanding transparency on the carbon footprint of their food. Holistic utility metering provides this information and much more on consumption and resource use in production. The decisive advantage: All information is currently available in real time, regardless of location. On top of that, this is achieved without affecting your production processes.

Employees in the beverage industry

It must be possible to evaluate recorded data accurately. We make your data understandable and intelligent. Our solution provides accurate and suitably prepared information about the current status of production in real time. And there's more: adapted to the requirements of different employees or groups, the data is made available via intuitive user interfaces. This generates knowledge and trust, and is the basis for realistic forecasts and correct decisions.

Employees in production during a materiality analysis

We take a holistic view of companies and do not see sustainability and efficiency as contradictory. Efficiency grows through the optimization of control and production. This saves energy and resources - a reduction in costs, a strong increase in sustainability.  

Employee with tablet in production

Data are at the heart of every production facility. In our networked world, the threat of data loss and manipulation is growing every day. Top security risks and legal requirements comprise the framework conditions. With the 360° Industrial Security solution, Phoenix Contact is enabling all-round security for customer data, communication, and the operation of machines and systems - and makes your production resilient and reliable.

Taking new paths with the Digital Factory

Digitalization also requires a new way of thinking. We have done this in our PLCnext Factory, the production facility of Phoenix Contact Electronics. We took a new path in the facility where our products for automation, safety applications, and network security are manufactured. The result is amazing and convincing at the same time.

The PLCnext Digital Factory - figures, data, and facts

Experience the Digital Factory interactively

Experience the options available to you with Digital Factory solutions in our interactive tour. Learn how to increase your factory’s productivity and improve sustainability while keeping it safe from unauthorized access. We will show you how we have implemented this at our own production site in Bad Pyrmont.

Dr. Till Potente will welcome you virtually to our 360° Digital Factory and show you the possibilities available directly in the production process.

Detail of the PLCnext Factory 360° tour
White paper
Start today: Six steps to a sustainable factory
With the data you generate, you already hold the key to a sustainable factory today. In our guide, find out which simple and concrete measures you can implement to make the first important steps towards a sustainable future. Download the white paper now – it is free and does not require your contact information.
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Team Digital Factory now – your contact persons

We support you globally on the way to the Digital Factory

Our experts are there for you

Our digitalization experts will be happy to talk to you about your specific conditions on site. Together, we will look at your needs and your current level of digitalization and highlight where you have the potential for leveraging increased productivity and sustainability - from efficient solutions for brownfield applications to comprehensive digitalization concepts for smart production.

Shaping the future together

We are creating technical solutions for a world worth living in based on our passion for technology and innovation. We develop individual customer solutions around the world, work as partners in expert committees, and shape new technical ideas for a world worth living in.

Production with IT security components and the TÜV SÜD seal IEC 62443

360° security certified in accordance with IEC 62443

Certified security today - in accordance with the standards of tomorrow

The profound transformation of digitalization requires new standards in order to act quickly and securely. Our experts provide valuable input into a variety of technical and standards committees. Together with our partners here, we are developing new data security standards for complex networks on the IT and OT level. They are already being incorporated into our product development processes today.

The implementation of cybersecurity in the Digital Factory results from the interaction between technical and organizational measures which must always be adapted to the use case. With our expertise and experience, we will support you in its successful implementation.

Dr. Lutz Jänicke - Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG
Dr. Ing Lutz Jänicke, Security Specialist Phoenix Contact, IEC 62443 TÜV Süd
Guiding principle: Empowering the All Electric Society

Tomorrowʼs sustainable world, todayʼs technologies

The Digital Factory in the All Electric Society

Carbon-neutral energy is an important building block on the journey towards an environmentally friendly, sustainable world. Phoenix Contact is pushing ahead on this path with sector coupling, whose goal is to achieve the intelligent networking of all sectors that generate and consume power. The Digital Factory has various future-oriented solutions at the ready for this.

For example, in order for people to reach a high level of productivity within the framework of resource-conserving operation, various pieces of information are required from the infrastructure of your factory. It is essential that the correct approach is taken to acquire, manage, and use the growing number of data points. By using current communication standards, Digital Factory solutions provide the optimum basis for a clean future.

PLCnext Factory tour

Digital Factory now on YouTube

On YouTube, our experts from the PLCnext Factory show you how the various challenges can be successfully overcome with the use of smart solutions. Discover your solutions for responding to the growing infrastructure in your production. And alongside the intelligent use of data and the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies in your production, learn how you can rethink existing work processes.