Visualization of various technologies and trends within the framework of digitalization, such as using a cobot, smart data usage, etc.

Digital Factory Ready-to-use solutions implemented now

Digitalization presents numerous challenges for production – but above all, it provides countless opportunities for increasing productivity and system availability.

Use your existing machine and process data to redesign your production processes to be more flexible and efficient. Create the foundation for new, data-centric business models to secure your long-term competitive edge. Whether you are creating new systems or retrofitting, Phoenix Contact has detailed solutions ready to support you in your digital transformation.

Thanks to our Digital Factory solutions, we were able to increase the productivity of our in-house production processes by more than 10% within just 18 months. And we have identified even more untapped potential that we plan to explore in the coming years.

Dr. Till Potente - Phoenix Contact, Senior Director Production and Engineering in Industry Management and Automation
Dr. Till Potente
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Start today: Six steps to a sustainable factory
With the data you generate, you already hold the key to a sustainable factory today. In our guide, find out which simple and concrete measures you can implement to make the first important steps towards a sustainable future. Download the white paper now – it‘s free and doesn‘t require your contact information.
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Digitalize now We make the Digital Factory happen – now

To ensure that you benefit from the advantages of digitalization as quickly as possible, we will provide you with needs-based support – from installing simple stand-alone solutions to comprehensive digitalization concepts.

Based on real requirements, each of our solutions was developed and tested in collaboration with our in-house production department and successfully implemented in the production process. Today, those solutions are making a decisive contribution to increasing productivity.

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Digitalizing your production processes with Phoenix Contact Data is key in every digitalization concept

Data is at the center of all digital processes. It has to be collected and processed, and made available at the right place and in the appropriate format so that it can be used. However, the growing networking of smart devices increases the risk of cyber attacks. It is now all the more important to integrate a complete security concept into your industry. The Digital Factory is based on the following four fields of action:

  • Data collection, storage, and evaluation
  • Data transportation
  • Data security
  • Data usage

The four fields of action described provide you with various solutions, from data collection to data usage. Each individual solution will not only be tailored to your specific needs, the fields of action can also be freely combined or considered in isolation. Regardless of where you are on your journey toward the Digital Factory, we will be happy to assist you with the next steps.

Main level of the 360° virtual Digital Factory

Discover the Digital Factory now Experience our 360° virtual tour

Discover how the four fields of action are already being implemented at our production site in Bad Pyrmont. Dr. Till Potente will welcome you virtually to our interactive 360° Digital Factory and is looking forward to your visit and answering any questions you may have.

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New ways of thinking for production, products, and processes

Along with the intelligent use of data and the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies, the growing infrastructure in your production operations makes it necessary to rethink existing work processes. Our experts from the PLCnext Factory will show you how the various challenges can be successfully overcome with the use of smart solutions. Discover which solutions you can use to realize your Digital Factory.

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Our value proposition for your Digital Factory Now ready

To help you meet today’s digitalization requirements and turn opportunities into profit, our solutions provide the following added value:

✔ Scalability – tailored to your requirements
✔ Tested and validated – in our own in-house production facilities
✔ Ready-to-use – benefit from digital transformation today

With target-oriented consultation, we will find the right solution for your Digital Factory together. Let’s tackle the challenges of digitalization together and seize the opportunities it offers.

Empowering the All-Electric Society CO2-neutral production with the Digital Factory

On the journey towards an environmentally friendly environment, CO2-neutral energy represents an important building block for a sustainable future. Phoenix Contact is driving this journey forward with sector coupling, which aims to achieve the intelligent networking of all sectors that generate and consume power. The Digital Factory has various future-oriented solutions at the ready for this.

For example, in order for machines to reach a high level of productivity within the framework of resource-conserving operation, various information is required from the infrastructure of your factory. It is essential that the correct approach is taken to acquire, manage, and use the growing number of data points. By using current communication standards, such as 5G or TSN, Digital Factory solutions provide the optimum basis for a cleaner future.

What is the Digital Factory? Things you should know about digitalization

The age of Industry 4.0 also brings various demands in terms of quality, flexibility, and costs in digital production processes. Digitally networking sensors, instruments, and other network components within the framework of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enables the OT and IT worlds in your digital factory to be networked.

For companies, the benefit is clear to see: Productivity will be increased and the production process itself can counteract any potential failures through predictive maintenance. Your company can make digitalization a reality with a Digital Factory.