Industrial printers for professional marking


With our industrial printers, you can create markings more easily than ever before: whether using laser, UV LED, or thermal transfer technology. The wide range of printing and marking systems that we offer is guaranteed to provide you with the right solution for marking terminal blocks, conductors and cables, devices, and systems. All printers are particularly easy to use.

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The advantages of our industrial printers

Our industrial printers present you with versatile solutions for a wide range of applications. They all feature the following advantages:

  • Intuitive menu navigation via uniform touch displays
  • The PROJECT complete software controls all marking systems
  • Prevention of printing errors, thanks to automatic material detection
  • High-quality results with optimally coordinated components
  • Time savings with rapid integration of the printers into existing structures
Industrial identification
Our entire portfolio at a glance: The product brochure contains comprehensive information and technical data on marking systems and materials as well as software and services.
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Marking systems

MARKING system industrial printers

Experience how easy working with the MARKING system industrial printers is. Create your industrial identification labels with intuitive marking software, various printing systems, and corresponding materials for all applications.

MARKING system industrial printers
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Industrial marking for every application

The right industrial printer is available for all of your marking requirements. With the various marking technologies, you can create markings that are ideally suited for your application.

  • Laser marking for the highest standards with the TOPMARK NEO
  • The BLUEMARK ID systems produce high-quality monochrome and color markings with UV LED printing
  • Efficient thermal transfer printing for a wide range of applications is achieved with the THERMOMARK CARD 2.0 printer for card and sheet formats, the THERMOMARK ROLL 2.0 roll printers, and the THERMOMARK ROLLMASTER for large quantities of materials
  • The THERMOMARK PRIME, THERMOMARK GO, and THERMOMARK GO.K mobile thermal transfer printers enable flexible printing on site